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  1. hmmm do you think all of todays modern farming tech  started on a large scale ? Its much easier to scale down than scale technology up. Doesn't matter anyway cant buy anything here worth a s**t without paying thru the nose, thats even if they will let you bring it in. But oh well its wheels up for me next week for good back to the real world.


    Thailand will never even be close to this.

  2. 2 hours ago, connda said:

    You can't burn fields this time of year as the local government officials would be all over the farmer

    ???? here in the NE every damn sugar field in sight has been burnt along with the rice fields. Those police can be  a little blind sitting in their offices or at the everyday road stops where they get to keep 50% of the fine money collected. Get real.

  3. https://globalaquaponics.wordpress.com/2014/04/29/demystifying-aquaponics-coir-vs-hydroton-in-the-system/

    Many ways to run an aquaponics system.



     I think alot of the problem here is the system hasn't been run long enough to get a good balance, including bacteria buildup to help break down the nitrate-nitrite-ammonia components for survival of both plants and fish. I have seen people spend two months getting their water conditions and bacteria counts up before even adding any fish or plants. Again im not against aquaponics but its not as simple as it seems especially getting a long term successful production cycle going.

  4. I must admit to not being in the past a big organic fan but with the recent technological advances in biological controls and other science/tech being applied to growing I will be using them more. I read most of the new research on horticulture and with the explosive growth of hydro and greenhouse production around the world I see quite a sea of change when it comes to horticulture which is nice. I will be leaving thailand soon after 10 years here back home (not to insult thailand but ive had enough) to some acreage I own there to start a small scale market garden incorporating greenhouse/hydro and soil crops for local markets sales and look forward to being able to buy and use all of this great new tech.

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  5. Again i dont have much exp. with aquaponics except working with some others doing it but I do know it helps to keep different plant species in different systems/tanks due to different nutrient uptake needs and different growth rates, but maybe this doesnt apply to aquaponics.

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