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  1. Obviously by your post you jump towards conclusions that are, clearly in this case anyway, not even close to reality. I've been riding for over 30 years. My response was based on words posted by the OP and the fact that I missed this was posted in "motorcycles" You are welcome, and I forgive you. I personally wouldn't ride with rain gear as the winds adversely affect it, raises the noise level, it's really uncomfortable and you get wet anyways. A fairing would be my only consideration, but given the slickness of the roads in Thailand and that glossy slippery road paint they use, coupled with all the oil on the roads, I would just avoid riding in the rain.
  2. I tried a 2-piece but it was WAY too hot. Poncho is the way to go imo, with boat shoes or tevas.
  3. I recently discovered that published bus routes of Bangkok and what Google Maps think they might be are somewhat speculation. With a songtaew, you're going to have to ask the driver, has been my experience. Some do have routes and the paths are whimsical it seems.
  4. It's amazing how the folks here glow when you engage with a little kindness/respect their way. Most are ready to return a big easy smile and give you their attention. I suspect the westerners having the best time here are the ones who approach life with happiness and let life's stresses roll off them like water off a duck's back.
  5. Maybe not. I've read a few stories of those on the run, when finally brought to judgement, getting light sentences. No media fueling a lynching mentality anymore... Plus, sometimes drug laws change- didn't they do away with that 3 strikes for any felony in California? So, plausibly, maybe he could have gotten a life sentence at the time, for something he'll get 5 years now...? What IS his crime, anyway? We get a generic 'drug crime' label and posters come out with pitchforks and torches, lol.
  6. Health is just a passing fancy. CM air quality, however, only hits acceptable levels 3-4 months of the year now. And that is hardly a passing fancy. Sickness is a huge price to pay. Got any other witty retorts for us?
  7. Your limited experience in one hospital is irrelevant to the enormity of Thailand. It's so nice that they found some English speaking doctors for you. Good for you. We get it that you were treated by some doctors who spoke English, thanks for sharing. Your knowledge on the subject ends there. To argue with others about what they experienced is petty, useless, childish, and makes you look like narrow-minded. You might wanna reconsider how you engage people if you desire credibility. Those in the know about medical credibility on this forum, understand that Sheryl is a definitive source of information in the field, and the enormity of her experience in Thailand runs circles around your little adventure. Clearly you didn't bother attempting to comprehend what she's posted on the topic. I suggest you try listening to the pros here. If you aren't careful you might learn something.
  8. It's totally fine to ask for an RX. Those doctors understand the huge markups at private hospitals and furthermore often work at multiple facilities themselves. I had a doctor at a private give me an RX without even asking and recommended I go to a govt pharmacy as it would cost a fraction.
  9. Yeah right pal, who am I going to believe: You, or my lying first-hand experience! Bwahaha, because somebody 'told you so' Dude, if you knew how ridiculous and "counter-intuitive" you sound... You should think twice before posting such refuse. Seriously stop embarrassing yourself. I'm describing exactly what I experienced. Did the doctor know medical terminology in English? Yes, some. Could the doctor speak fluent English or understand the basics of symptoms I was describing? Not even close, and it took a nurse as interpretor.
  10. I went to a government hospital in CM, was told tickets were given out for appointments at 8am. So I arrived at 7:30 am and got in a long line. Turns out I was in the wrong line because all announcements we're in Thai and all signage was in Thai and the guard sent me to the wrong line. Got in the right line, waited an hour and got an appointment for 2 hours later. Went to appointment room filled with at least a hundred people. Waited an hour to eventually be told "no doctor for 3 hours." Came back later, waited 2 more hours, eventually was told doctor still didn't show up. Kept waiting. Thai patients coming and going, I am the only falang, kept waiting. 3pm I am told to get in another line with a handful of unhappy Thais. Doctor shows up. 4:30 pm I am finally called in. Doctor speaks little English and doesn't understand 80% of what I say. Eventually he orders a blood panel- that can't be done today, you understand, it's too late and that department is closed. I'm given another appointment for the next day, and told to go pay. Go to pay and get number 212. They are now serving number 61. Took another hour to pay. With transit time, a 10 hour day. To get a blood test ordered. But it only cost 50 baht. Next day, 1/2 hour wait for blood test and 1/2 hour to pay bill. Had to schedule another doctor appointment for a week later to get results. 800 baht for the test and 50 baht for the next appointment for results, which were communicated in poor English and took 1 1/2 hours to get. Next time I went to the private hospital. Made an appointment over the phone the day prior. Showed up early but had to wait 20 minutes later. Blood test ordered and done in 15 more minutes. Results in 2 hours. Paid bill in another 10 minutes. Perfect English spoken by everyone I encountered. Whole process took 2 1/2 hours. 2200 baht. You decide what your time is worth.
  11. Ya, give em a spot with some clean air and they will find some plastic to burn...
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