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  1. I threw grandma out of my house over a year and a half ago. My wife soon followed and has been gone over a year, leaving me with our son. I've never had it so good.
  2. Then collected and used to construct a children's playground.
  3. Does that mean they will kill us for flying the American Flag outside our condo door? I often told the X wife that inside our Condo, it is America and we will make decisions like Americans, not Thais.
  4. One day while living on the Dark Side, I came out of my home office to see a "handyman" ascending the stairs from the kitchen to the main living room. In his hands was my 200 Dollars Wusthof 12" inch chefs knife. Watching any Thai hold a knife is always alarming, but I became even more alarmed to find out his intention. He took the knife from the drawer intending to cut a nail that he had hammered into the wrong wall. He didn't want to crumble the wall so he figured he would cut it off. With my 200 Dollar chef's knife. Stupid is as stupid does. My now x-wife was part of the equation, she watched him take it. That's the guy who is going to remove your asbestos.
  5. If it "ain't" broke, don't fix it.
  6. I've never been referred to as sacred, but I am trying my best each day to my son's constant annoyment, to add to the cows output.
  7. A perfect opportunity to fill the cells at the local mental asylum. They can borrow nets from any large trawler.
  8. The email wasn't sent from your email address and if you look at the email headers you'll see that that's true. But he is right about one thing, as I've been watching too, your habits are a bit odd to say the least.
  9. I make it my business to always leave something in the elevator. I wish you Brits would learn the proper term the contraption, it's an elevator, not a lift.
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