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  1. How is he a traitor? I'm guessing you will fuss and moan but never provide an answer. Go ahead, I'll wait.
  2. How is this a story? Doesn't this underline the fact that most of these people find things like this amusing, and their chronological must be 20 years minus their mental age. The country is full of them, and we are reminded all the time by the inane soap operas force fed to children and their child like parents.
  3. Why would someone have access to your loaded gun? You people don't ask the right questions.
  4. He admitted posting a message. Why do these people talk to the police, and why do they admit anything?
  5. We don't keep our guns unloaded. Don't put your finger on the trigger. That's the 2nd safety. Don't give your gun to drunken idiots, that's the first.
  6. It's all in the treaty. And this guy was there when the treaty was created and signed. Cry now boys ... U.S./Ukraine Treaty Authorized Everything Trump Did - Lunch Alert! - DickMorris.com at DickMorris.com
  7. Don't know, I speak a few languages, why don't you tell me?
  8. Until they take a House vote, they have no legal credibility to subpoena anything related to impeachment.
  9. There you go, it's not real. No more real than Mueller. No more real than all the nonsense with Schiff and Nadler. It's all designed to keep the cretins yapping and cheering. Bread and Circus. Look that up.
  10. Until it is put to a full House vote, it isn't an impeachment. Chew on that for a while.
  11. There is no official investigation. It's a ruse perpetrated by mutinous and cretinous House Democrats. The Boomerang effect is already manifesting. They will not succeed with the current coup attempt.
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