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  1. If you have BCBS Federal the office for that particular state handles you. For example I moved from one state to Arizona. The Arizona BCBS then handled all questions. But my coverage did not change.
  2. I have the Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Plan. I contacted BCBS last week regarding proof of international coverage in case it was needed. I was emailed a letter stating all this information for proof. You need to call your local BCBS provider and they will give you all the contact phone numbers for international claims. There is an international claims number, and a number for GMMI. GMMI is the company under contract for BCBS to process overseas medical claims. Prescription claims overseas are processed by Caremark. Claim forms are found on the FEP Blue website. Overseas there is no "in network". You go to any provider. Then you pay for services, then get reimbursed. If the cost is high, for such as inpatient services. You can ask the hospital for a guarantee of service. Then either you or the hospital calls GMMI. If approved, the hospital accepts the payment directly from BCBS. Some hospitals have agreements with BCBS regarding guarantee of payment Im speaking about the BCBS Federal Plan. There are other forms of BCBS. You should call the local customer service number of your specific plan to discuss all this.
  3. Im the OP who asked the question. I called Social Security Administration today. I asked to confirm that if any correspondence was returned, do they just stop my benefits immediately. The representative said yes, until its corrected. I asked if there were any other options to try to avoid this type of issue. The response was " If you are so concerned, don't move there then" Great answer. So I asked the representative if you are going to stop my benefits because of an address issue, how will I know. Because you only communicate with people via regular mail. Her response was " You will know when you don't receive your benefits anymore" What a world LOL.
  4. I take Aciphex for acid reflux. Clarinex and Flonase spray for allergies. Celebrex as needed. But again I use the generic forms here in the USA. Thailand might not have those. And I just had my yearly physical here in the USA. I get the results of my blood work tomorrow. So who knows what else I will need to take LOL/ Im retired and have a health plan from my previous employer in the USA. I just pay around $100 USD per month more for it since Im not employed there anymore. Im actually a retired federal employee. My health plan has unlimited coverage overseas for everything.
  5. How reliable is the mail delivery in Bangkok if Im renting a condo. I collect Social Security Benefits from the USA. I have direct deposit in my USA bank so Im not concerned about that. But I just learned from Social Security that they will only send correspondence to me through the mail. Not checks, but if they have to notify me of something. And they are going to send a questionnaire to me once a year if I live overseas. If the mail is returned to them, they will stop my benefits until Im able to resolve it. And I must give them my overseas address where Im residing.
  6. The lawyer advised me. I went to the American Embassy and they gave me some sort of letter so I could open up a bank account. From the feedback I would not use an attorney again or possibly an agent. These people seem to be used if you don't have enough funds to meet the regulations. No wonder why this attorney charged me so much. So these people cut corners. I had the funds to meet the regulations. But Im guessing the lawyer was under the impression I did not. That is why he did what he did. And I was too new to the process to I guess know any better. Now from what people are telling me here. I have to hope I don't get rejected from renewing the retirement visa next year because of all this. I also have to hope Im guessing they don't revoke the retirement visa that was issued to me. I will wire the 800,000 baht to the Thai account before I leave the USA for Bangkok. When I find a condo to rent with a one year contract, I will go to Bangkok immigration to do the change of address TM28. I will be staying in a hotel for a week or so until then. Hopefully immigration will just look at the visa in my passport, and not ask for the bankbook. To be honest Im so fed up right now, Im starting to think maybe I shouldn't even go to Bangkok.
  7. So are you saying two months before January or two months before April? Because if it was two months before January, the new rules didn't start until January 1. And if It was two months before April, I returned to the USA where I reside up until now. Sorry but Im getting confused now. This attorney did not explain all this. He just told me he would take care of it. I just tried calling him on his cell phone to try to discuss these issues.. In the beginning he told me I could call him anytime. Now he just told me I cannot call him out of regular business hours. I tried calling him during regular business hours two weeks ago but he told me he was in a meeting. So I guess when I arrive in Bangkok in two weeks I will go to immigration and try to sort things out on my own. And hope for the best.
  8. Yes that is exactly what was put in my passport. The monetary amount is based on retirement. Im not married. And I did have the 800,000 if necessary. So I guess this guy thought he was doing me a favor by sending me to Pattaya. But I was under the impression that the 800,000/400,00 rule didn't start until March 1. My visa was issued January 22.
  9. To avoid getting laughed at, I would rather not say LOL
  10. I need some advice. Im from the USA. I visited Bangkok for three months recently returning to the USA January 23, 2019. During that time I decided to get a retirement visa. I was confused by the regulations, and kind of nervous doing it myself for the first time. So in the beginning of January 2019 while still in Bangkok I saw an attorney. This I think turned out to be a stupid thing to do. He took care of all the paperwork and all that, and got me a retirement visa which I received January 22, 2019. The visa expires April 2020, and I see in my passport I have a multi-entry stamp. I told the attorney upon retiring, I would reside in Bangkok. He took me to the Bangkok immigration office to get some kind of visa. he said I needed this before he could apply for the retirement visa. He sent me to Bangkok bank to open an account after I got letter from the American embassy allowing me to do so . The next day he sent me with one of his staff members to the immigration office in Pattaya to apply for the retirement visa. I asked him why not Bangkok. He was a fast talker and told me he has worked with that location before, and it would go quicker. When I arrived there, his staff member spoke to an immigration officer. The staff member told me we had to go to a Bangkok bank branch in Pattaya to open an account. I told him I already opened an account in the Bangkok branch. The staff member said that is what the immigration office is requiring. So on January 22,2019 I returned to the attorneys office in Bangkok and he had my passport back from the Immigration office in Pattaya. It had the retirement visa with the multi-entry stamp. Im planning on moving to Bangkok the first week of June. I will stay in a hotel a couple of weeks while looking for a condo to rent with a years contract. From reading these forums, I see you have to report to immigration every 90 days. And I read it is in the office you received the visa from. This attorney did not even say anything about me reporting every 90 days. Or tell me I had to do any reporting in Pattaya. I departed Bangkok January 23, 2019 and returned to the USA. I wasn't going to return to Thailand for about five months. So I did not leave the 400,000 baht in the Bangkok Bank account. I was planning to wire the 400,000 from my USA account to the Bangkok bank account before returning to Thailand in June. Im really confused what this attorney did. I don't want to report to Pattaya every 90 days when he knew my location would be Bangkok. Now Im wondering since I did not leave the 400,000 Baht in the Thai account for five months is that going to be an issue? Again I did this because I was returning to the USA where I reside. So I thought if I wasn't in Thailand for a long period of time, I would not have to keep that money in the Thai account. I tried to email and send messages on Line to this attorney I used for explanations of all this. He did not respond. I finely managed to contact him directly on his cell phone. All he did is talk fast, say he's busy, and told me if I had an issue when I arrive back in Thailand call him. He charged me a lot of money for all this visa thing. So Im very concerned now what I should do. Again Im planning to move to Bangkok soon in June. Should I try to get a different attorney to resolve all this? Can I do it myself? Should I just report to immigration in Bangkok after I arrive and explain everything to them? Can immigration revoke my retirement visa because I did not keep the 400,000 baht in the Thai bank account while I returned to the USA for approximately for five months. Even though I still resided in the USA when I received the retirement visa?
  11. Im in the USA planning on relocating to Bangkok soon. I take prescription drugs one of them being Uroxatral. It is for BPH. I have a mail order plan in the USA which I receive the generic form called Alfuzosin. If it was the brand name it would be more expensive. The drug I would have to take in Thailand would be Xatral. I know my mail order prescription plan in the USA is not valid in Thailand. But my insurance plan would reimburse me a certain amount when I go to a pharmacy in Bangkok and pay out of pocket. For the heck of it I used Skype to call a Boots and Watsons pharmacy to get the cost of Xatral. I was told by each pharmacist that they did not carry Xatral or Alfuzosin and I should try another pharmacy. Is this common? I would think this type of drug is not out of the ordinary. Do pharmacies in Bangkok only carry certain medications and you have to keep hunting for a pharmacy that does? I asked one pharmacist if there is a generic version of Xatral, and she said no. So Im guessing in Thailand certain drugs are only sold by brand names, and not generic? Im kind of concerned because I take other prescription medications. And I just had my yearly physical blood work here in the USA. So who knows what else Im going to need to take LOL. Would I need to go to different pharmacies to see if they carry certain types of medications?
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