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  1. Thank you for the reply. The True technician just left. He was the one that came last time. He speaks some English so I could communicate somewhat with him. He installed I believe its called an Access Point Box to supplement the router. I dont quite understand it. But from what I read online the Access Point box boosts the wifi? But now I have both the wifi router and Access Point box.
  2. Im having issues with True WiFi. Since I started service in June eight times they have sent technicians to me. This is due to the wifi signal dropping. Tomorrow they are sending one again for the ninth time. The connection in this highrise building is DSL. They just had fiber installed last week. But Im still on DSL. I know DSL is old technology. I have an Iphone 11. The wifi signal on the phone will show I have a strong connection. But I will get warnings off and on saying poor or no internet connection. Sometimes I cant even connect. For the past two days it has been even worse. Every two or three minutes I have to keep switching back to data. For example when Im using Line, messages are delayed either sending or receiving. And of course using other apps and web browsing poor or no connection. I also have a laptop fairly new. Sometimes when I use it I lose the connection there. But when I try to reconnect it will say no network connections are available. So either I have to reset the router or call true for a refresh. When I do after about ten or fifteen minutes Im able to reconnect to the laptop again. Since June basically when I call True customer report they say the signal is dropping. Once when I called about a month ago they said the signal dropped fifty times in a forty eight hour period. So far they replaced the wifi router twice. The last time was two weeks ago. About two months ago they replaced some part that was worn in the main box by the juristic office. The wifi worked fine for about a month then started acting up again. A couple of times the technicians couldnt find anything wrong in my room. So True claimed they had to check the outside. Then they usually say its been resolved. When I called the last two nights, they say the signal is fine, it only dropped once in the past few days. But as I said the issue is even worse now. I even sit next to the router. No improvement. And I also have reset the network setting on my phone. I want to drop True because of this. But I have the Gold Package and say that Im under contract for a year. But they dont offer any compensation for the issues. Anyone have had any issues such as this or suggestions?
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