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  1. I just read a an article on Bangkok Post. It says Moderna possibly August. Johnson and Johnson possibly October.
  2. From my experience it depends on who you talk to. I have contacted a few private hospitals in Bangkok regarding the vaccine. And unfortunately, they all seem to give a different explanation. But they all put your name on a list for to be called when they receive it. Like a survey type of thing. At the private hospital I go to in Bangkok I had an appointment today. For example, I asked the doctor about the vaccine and how the hospital will get it. She said they have to get the vaccine from the government, not from an approved company directly. And I asked, if she was familiar with the import
  3. Im a 65 year old Ameican expat presently living in Asok. Im retired and have been living in Bangkok almost two years. My contract expires June 1. Im looking to move and rent another condo or apartment. I normally take a one year lease. But because of this covid situation I would want to start off with six months, then see what happens. Im thinking of Ekamai or Phrom Phong. Minimum size 60 sqm, maximum monthly rental 30,000 baht. One or two bedrooms. Preferably within 10 minute walk to BTS station. Im open to other areas also near the two mentioned areas. If someone
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