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  1. Not me. Ten years was enough. Now that I have some real money I am not spending it in Thailand. When you have lived in shit for many years I guess expats in LOS have just gotten used to it. They can take their visa rules. 90 day check ins and bad attitudes and .................. I have friends in Central America, Colombia and the Pacific side of Mexico who love it there. I am headed on a six month tour of great food,drinkable beer and margaritas. LOS has one of the three. See ya fellows.
  2. I totally agree. If he is under investigation for any criminal activities he should be denied entry to the U.S. Maybe someone should drop a dime on him. I am now happily living in the U.S. after residing in Thailand for 15 years. I am taking care of some financial matters now and going to come in to a large financial windfall. Guess what, I am not going to spend ONE CENT IN THAILAND.
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