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  1. thank you you say the time company would not deliver this to me in Thailand but Baxter renal care or worldwide and apparently they will deliver free fluid to me anywhere in the world .I will look more into this with my nephrologist next time I see him,
  2. I am going on to PD dialysis here in the UK, I have kidney failure stage 5. I have my own dialysis machine which can travel with me and I understand going by my doctor's that I can travel anywhere in the world, there is a company called [ Baxter renal care ]and apparently they supply and deliver the PD fluid to your hotel etc, that's all well and good in Europe but remember this is Thailand and I'm thinking they will charge me for this service does anyone know about this I have emailed Baxter who are indeed a worldwide renal care company but I've had to get an answer f
  3. Im 54 Low test, had UTI and have testicular atrophy, So today bought 1ml box sustanon 250. I believe that i need take 300mg per week, ill be training a little too but i was gain my sperm back and libido back mostly. So this box is 10Ml how much do i take of it per week , like a third. Or maybe a 10th of it...its confusing.. I only know i want 300mg per week. Also how long to take this for and length cycle. Clomid afterwards and what strenth clomid. Thanks
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