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  1. hit yourself a pat on the back congratulate yourself for being the first one of the day
  2. With the political situation in Thailand and all the protests what will happen to the Thai baht in the future I know every country is facing turmoil but I would like to know what will happen to the baht against the UK pound not the Euro or not the dollar only UK pound thanks in advance
  3. Just wait and see the state of Pattaya six months from now
  4. I'm just concerned in case she got knocked back it would ruin her for future applications would it or would it not thanks in advance
  5. thank you for your advice I want her to come during Christmas for approximately 2 months there will be lots for us to do, if she is allowed to come on a holiday visa this will be just a stepping stone for the next step next year when I start work hopefully and get a more permanent visa. Just wondering will my disability and my benefits stop anything or is it all down to her part what she can provide as stated we both have money and I still have 1000 UK pounds per month coming in income
  6. I have a very good type friend who was like to visit me in the UK very soon for approximately 1 or 2 months they are not working at the moment due to corona virus they have money in the bank approximately over half of a million but they have family and house to return to, I am unemployed at the moment also due to the virus but I have money in the bank more than enough to show , my disability premium amount to about 1000 UK pounds per month which is showing on my bank statement thank you in advance for any information. PS......maybe Brian G can have an input I k
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