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  1. "elected" - fixed it for you... I think more needs to happen for that outcome, but it's certainly a possibility. Let's hope not. Yep. I don't think anyone is happy about these results, nor does anyone believe the election was fair. Not sure what that means later on - legal action or riots?
  2. I actually agree with you there, but sadly this is not in the interest of elites nor the masses, so will never happen. Do you have any successful examples of this actually being implemented anywhere? (just curious)
  3. I don't know enough about PTP to form an opinion on them, but I do know anything is better than the current government. The only chance Thailand has to get out from under them is for all other parties to work together against PPP - but that is unlikely to happen.
  4. Your guideline shouldn't be "can she steal from this account" - your guideline should be "she can't steal what's not there". Start pulling out cash and drain the account(s). Gift it to your daughter in cash and hide it, and/or gift some to relatives out of country (better strategy if you can trust them). Better to do this well in advance as too much money moving right before a divorce will raise more questions/demands. Of course keep in mind she will need to get SOME money to let you go quietly. Sometimes it's better to just "buy them off" than a prolonged and costly legal battle, especially if she thinks you are hiding money. Of course the less she knows about - the less her demands will be.
  5. I'm not sure if it's funny or sad that even embassies don't know the actual rules. What's for sure is there's no such limit on entries by air.
  6. With 18 exempt entries, 3 SETVs, extensions, and re-entry permits - sounds like it's time for a new passport. It's no guarantee, but at least in my experience I was only asked questions at BKK when my passport was full of VE stamps and extensions. A new passport and a METV later and all entries since have been no questions asked, so far. Either way - avoid DMK.
  7. You guys sound like a commercial for Elite visa. Elite visa is a TOURIST visa - it is no different than any other tourist visa except that it gives you 1 year entries instead of 30 or 60 days - you still cannot work and still regarded as a long-term tourist. So if Thailand didn't want people to stay more than 180 days a year - why does the Elite visa exist? why is there no official rule stating 180 days a year? Simple fact is it's not that Thailand doesn't want long-term tourists - it's certain immigration offices/officers who don't, for whatever reason. Oh, and certain TV posters too, apparently, lol.
  8. My top-two favorite alternative destinations would be: Angeles City (Philippines): The good: safe to walk around, lots of good nightlife options (many bars and a few night clubs), lots of western food options (I don't eat local food anyway so Thai vs Filipino food is irrelevant), everything is cheaper than Thailand, good exchange rate (currently). The bad: slow cell service and internet as a whole, lots of husslers on the street trying to sell you shit, everything you'd expect from a "party town". Neither: loads and loads of hookers and ladyboys (this is good for some, bad for others). The city's main trade is sex, pretty much. Phnom Penh (Cambodia): The good: safe, some nightlife (but not as much as AC), food options, cheaper than Thailand (but not as cheap as AC), they mostly use USD as currency so (I) don't have to worry about exchange rates. The bad: slow internet (but better than Philippines), a bit small - might get boring if staying for a long time. I don't want to leave Thailand (Bangkok), but will probably spend more time (and money...) in both those places to avoid immigration headaches in the future.
  9. Which would be the more expensive flight, considering you'd need to return via BKK and not DMK. As far as other costs such as entertainment - I would do it anyway in Bangkok at higher prices - so in that respect you're actually saving money. A Belvedere in a Bangkok club is around 5k, same bottle in a club in Philippines is 2700 baht - half.
  10. That's assuming you actually spent all year in Thailand - which is unlikely for most expats. Personally I go to my home country twice a year anyway, so having to take 2-4 extra trips to nearby countries during the year doesn't sound bad at all. A few nights in Cambodia costs 10k baht including flights and hotels. A week in Philippines about 20k. Include the cost of METVs and some extensions and it's still only 50k a year - half the price of Elite. Of course that comes with more hassle, but then again you don't have to pay 5 years in advance.
  11. The laws, maybe, but not enforcement. When I first came here in 2016 clubs were open until 5am, after which point there were several "late" clubs which ran from 5am to well in the morning. Ever since the election fiasco (protests) began, they've been forcing clubs to close earlier and earlier, and no late clubs at all. The last few months they've had many nights where they closed at 2-3am. To say this doesn't affect tourism is funny - every tourist who comes to Thailand to party and gets shafted at 2am is a tourist who won't be coming back, or will come back less often.
  12. I have never done any of those things personally, however if you are staying near popular party destinations then it would be unreasonable to expect peace and quiet at night. And not just from tourists - here in Bangkok the loudest people I see are Thais and expats, not tourists.
  13. Source of the actual MFA announcement? Source or it's just hearsay. The same system that alerts on 6 VE entries does not alert on 3 SETVs or 1 METV, so I doubt it was set in place to prevent tourists from staying longer than 180 days a year. More likely it is there so long term tourists have to get tourist visas and prove they have means to support themselves, which does make sense.
  14. They haven't even checked how much money he has on him, let alone in the bank. Plenty of people can afford to live in Thailand for years without a job - isn't that why the the 50+ retirement extension exists? (which isn't available to him due to his age - not financial situation) They just made up a reason to deny him because the actual reason to deny does not exist in the law. "Here too long" and "over 180 days" are completely made up rules which seem to only exist in DMK. I have a METV but still avoiding DMK and choosing more expensive flights into BKK because of all the horror stories I've heard. If this keeps up after the election I'll seriously reconsider spending most of my time out of Thailand, and take my money where it's welcome. Good to know about not signing and asking to be put on the next flight immediately, and good to hear (that in this case) you can have a choice of where to fly to (only if you don't sign?). Hopefully I'll never have to use that knowledge, lol.
  15. Not really an option when the win driver mafia threatens Grab drivers and they are afraid to pick you up. I have some real nasty ones right next to my condo, so some Grab drivers refuse to stop there, and every time I step outside at night I have a guy approach me offering "disco" and "girls", and when I decline and flag a normal taxi (car) gives me the evil eye.
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