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  1. Thanks. So there is a phone jack available. May be I Missed it. Was there any other options available? I would prefer 50/30. My real estate agent talked to them and she said they have 50/30 options. By the way, how is the service?
  2. I now rent a 2-bedroom condo in Q condo Sukumvit. The rent is almost $3K USD. The price of the condo is 30 Million BHT. Can I get a nice condo for 10 Million BHT? If so, please post some suggestions. I need a two bed room, preferably 2 bathroom condo close to BTS not too much inside sois.
  3. I live in Q-condo, Sukumvit, Bangkok. Was scouting for a new condo in Pattya for week-end gateway. Spotted a condo at Laguana Beach Resort - Maldives. The agent assigned to me says I could buy it in my name or a company name. For a company name, they need an additional 50K BHT to form a company. What are the pros and cons for each option?
  4. This will be for my week-end gateaway. I live in Q-condo Sukumvit, Bangkok. Looked around in Pattaya, did not see anything like this. another one like this (Grand Solaire) is coming up in 2013. Can you give some suggestions? An internet connection with 50/20 is sufficient for me. Can you suggest another condo where I can get 3BB fibre?
  5. T Most units are sold. Not sure I could wait for a few months. A similar condo (Grand Solaire) is being built on Thepra road but it will be completed in 2022 December). The agent assigned to me went to the 3BB office with me and 3BB confirmed in writing they can install VDSL 50/20 as mentioned by @Havefunme I still don't understand why 3BB said they could not when I contacted them over the phone. Now the agent has upper hand (haha) and she says "many things you cannot do in Thailand but I could do. If you have problem, let me know" She says I could buy the condo in my name or company name and she will form a company for an additional 50K to buy the condo. What is the advantage of buying a condo in my name vis-a-vis company name. She said if I have a company, in the future and I want to do a business, it will be easy for me. Any inputs? Also I asked her if I can buy the condo in my newly born baby's name (my 19-year GF is due next week). She says she will find out and let me know.
  6. They are spreading outs. I have seen them in remote corners of Portugal (Albuferia) to large cities like London, Paris, Amsterdam, etc. And eurpean airportes VAT return counters are packed with Chinese tourists. I was reading a report of Chinese tourist spend is more than European tourists spend on large European cities. And this is when Chinese average income is at the cusp of escaping the middle income trap. Tourism research analysists estimate the tsunami of tourist dollars spent when China reaches the income level of SK in another 20-year will be unheard of in human history. That wave will be followed by Indians. Thailand is wising up to accommodate these two groups as much as possible for future tourism growth. Indian and Chinese tourists will be different than Europeans. They will not visit bars or sex entertainment en-mass in low income counties, most of these tourists will be family type, they will prefer shopping, foods, and souvenirs, tours over sex, prostitutes, and scouting for a retirement place in a foreign locations. So Thailand should reorient its sex and prostitutes industry accordingly to profit from the tsunami that is coming.
  7. Thailand needs massive investment to clean up environmental concerns, improve garbage collection in cities like Bangkok and Pattaya. Builders are only building condos while polluting the environment. May be they need Chinese help in building clean cities, roads, bridges, etc. Then Chinese and Indians will come for short visits to improve the economy. But Thailand has to to pony up the initial investment.
  8. I know/ 50/20 is fine for me. They said 3BB but I don't understand why when I called 3BB to confirm, they said they don't provide connections in Laguana Beach 3 Maldives. That bothers me.
  9. Great thanks. It is a relief as I like the condo for week-end gateaway. Do they have phone line in the condo? I did not see during the inspection of the room. Is it ADSL? If so, what is the speed? Is it possible you can send me a pic of your installation in your room (as a PM). I want to go the 3BB office and talk to them. When I called, they say they don't provide in Laguana Beach 3 Maldives.
  10. She is due next week. Everything is arranged for her. Baby will be delivered in St Louis hospital. Her mom is here to take care of her and the baby for at least two months. She just won a lottery (from my 100 million BHT assets) - and an American citizenship for her child. Pre-natal DNA tests confirmed it was my baby longtime ago. Do I have to get it tested again after the baby is born?
  11. I live in Bangkok but planning to buy a one bedroom condo in Pattaya to relax with my GF during week-ends. I looked around and found Laguana Bech Resort III Maldives have a decent size one-bed room for 1.5 mil. I deposited the purchase agreement fees (20K). While walking out of the show room, I realized the they have wifi boosters in all the hallways. I asked about getting my own broadband from 3BB, True, or TMN (what ever is available). The customer service girl assured me I could get 3BB she also said that the wifi is free. I need my own router with at least 50/20 speed as I use a secured VPN to connect to Amazon cloud to run simulations that are proprietary and can't be accessed with out an approved VPN service. Now my dilemma before I send the contact deposit (close 300K) is if at all possible I could install m y own internet in the room. Is somebody living in Laguana Beach III - Maldives condo can confirm that for me. If not, what is the speed of their free WIFI?
  12. I am 58-year old and recently settled in Thailand with a 20-year elite visa. I visited Poseidon and rented a girl a few times and then on one occasion, I asked her to meet me outside the establishment for 5K She did and then visited my condo almost everyday and stayed with me for 5K for 10/12 hours.. She is 20-year old and I have strong sexual feelings for her and want to possess her still my infatuation with her wears off. . Also, I have feelings to have a child with her. I know this all sound strange but she just makes this old man live again. She barely speaks any English and mostly interested in my money. I understand that. Just to test her if she is trust worthy or not, I once gave her an ATM card and asked her to take 15K for her and return the ATM card to me (The card had day's limit 20K) . My card also had one million baht. She returned my card. May be she knew that the card is worthless after 15K. I don't have any way to know it. She asked me to buy her an iPhone and I did. How can I ask her to stay with me as long as she likes and bear a child with me? Is that even possible in Thailand? If so, how much money should I give her to stay with me? If she had a child with me, I am ready to give 10 million to her. But how do I discuss the subject with a young girl 20-year old. I understand she may have a bf or want to have a bf of her age. But I don't want somebody else having sex with her till she is pregnant and the child is born. After that she can do whatever she wants. And she will get 10 million or even more. Any suggestions how to execute the plan? Money is not a problem.
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