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  1. I convinced here to spend a weak with me in Phuket. We are in Phuket now. She is asking for 300K in advance for having sex without condom. She says she had to protect her if she becomes pregnant. I gave her 50K in advance and a Capital One business card with a limit of 30K/month and told her I would give her 300K if she becomes pregnant.
  2. I am 58-year old and recently settled in Thailand with a 20-year elite visa. I visited Poseidon and rented a girl a few times and then on one occasion, I asked her to meet me outside the establishment for 5K She did and then visited my condo almost everyday and stayed with me for 5K for 10/12 hours.. She is 20-year old and I have strong sexual feelings for her and want to possess her still my infatuation with her wears off. . Also, I have feelings to have a child with her. I know this all sound strange but she just makes this old man live again. She barely speaks any English and mostly interested in my money. I understand that. Just to test her if she is trust worthy or not, I once gave her an ATM card and asked her to take 15K for her and return the ATM card to me (The card had day's limit 20K) . My card also had one million baht. She returned my card. May be she knew that the card is worthless after 15K. I don't have any way to know it. She asked me to buy her an iPhone and I did. How can I ask her to stay with me as long as she likes and bear a child with me? Is that even possible in Thailand? If so, how much money should I give her to stay with me? If she had a child with me, I am ready to give 10 million to her. But how do I discuss the subject with a young girl 20-year old. I understand she may have a bf or want to have a bf of her age. But I don't want somebody else having sex with her till she is pregnant and the child is born. After that she can do whatever she wants. And she will get 10 million or even more. Any suggestions how to execute the plan? Money is not a problem.
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