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  1. They were just trying to arrests more youths so that these youths cannot vote for change today! One of the dirty tactics I guess!
  2. By the way if I was old or aged, I will be sacred stiff to be in place that is run with that lot that looks extremely scary and strange! Lol!
  3. Gawd, has the nation really gone downhill that much? Just read the article, the way it is written, the grammar and also the contents....looks like a cheap press release that was simply printed...really Hilarious...with such a copy I doubt there is any credibility to the entity...oh wait...I just realized its for thais....then why bother to do it in English? really confused???
  4. Oh Gawd ! Please Stop posting such news! I am going to die laughing! @#%$! Hilarious! Oh gawd...thaivisa and thailand, you guys really make me laugh everday! Luv u guys. Now I know why my educated friends in the US and Singapore always say that Thailand is one big circus! What a stupid buffoon, a real species by themselves!
  5. Hilarious! They should first have analytical and investigative journalists who can screen all the various "official agencies" Press Releases and reports as many are basically fake news in the first place that these media just print or release.
  6. Hilarious! This is what would be politicians campaign platforms are like in Thailand! Really its a country with no future. Too many buffoons.
  7. Curious, shouldn't the Paki guy also be arrested for taking a prostitute from the street?? And really what she did was wrong yes but really all that trouble for Bt 3k and also all the hassles with the cops and publicity etc? Sound like the both deserved each other! Really another hilarious story and as I said before...I love thaivisa and I love Thailand...always amusing me . By the way, can some people try to share this story and also pic of the guy on various PAkistani news sites and also facebook accts etc....as a muslim, he needs to be punished under the strictest sharia law that is advocated in Pakistan!ie cut off his..... or stone him publicly for having sex out of marriage!
  8. Lol! This is simply Hilarious! They cannot get their core business of delivering mails and parcels properly and they wanna go into banking services. Gosh, I can see missing monies all over. Lol! real third world country trying to act to others like they have made it!
  9. Oh Pleeze why so much fuss about such a move....the stupid traditions need to change plus they should realize that most their thai degrees are not even worth more than toilet papers! That why all the elite send their kids overseas!
  10. Morning everyone....just got up and I think last night dose of meds are wearing off! Have got to take my meds after breakfast but first its always ...Thaivisa...the best source to amuse and make your day! I love Thaivisa.
  11. What <deleted>! Its not just the Uni students.....The whole country is suicidal......thanks to the cockroach from Samui and his @#$%! bandits and also the basta..! and his cursed group of corrupted cronies who claims to have brought back happiness to this country. May all of them along with the people (including their loved ones and family) who supported them be cursed with misfortunes, diseases like cancer etc and suffer and die slow deaths and misery and may no merits or prayesr help them, these cursed souls! May they never enjoy even a moment of happiness and have agonizing mental issues every moment.
  12. The food court was already there eons ago since oppening! This is really nothing new. Overpriced, tasteless food court stuff! Show DC is a failed concept and I think that the Malaysian Investors were hoodwinked by the Thais! And to make matters worst they do not have any decent marketing or retail marketing and management personnel and are too arrogant to also find any as they think they can do it themselves! They deserve to lose all their monies!
  13. Hilarious! Gawd....this whole country is a circus! I simply love Thailand! I think that TAT should change the tagline to Amusing Thailand!
  14. RIP! And really what a waste of a young life with potential. He should have reached out for help. And really pity the parents...the mental anguish that they must be going through. Thai society and the government should establish more safety nets to prevent such waste and tragic events.
  15. Oh No.....the school is going to generate more 'Toms and Dees', I think that its more healthy for kids to be schooled in co-ed schools. (ps: I am gay, I have nothing against gays! but that kids should be exposed to normal conditions and let them decide what they want!)
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