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  1. We applied at Samut Sakhon office. When I went in to ask for what required, one of the officers gave me a document checklist. I forgot there was an English version on the back page so now I checked but the information turns out to be different from Thai to English.
  2. You are right about the officers making up their own rules hence I recommend those applying/extending with their bank account option to check with their local office to ask what exactly they need you to have for your visa extension. We ended up applying with his monthly income as the consideration so my information on this for the 400k rule is just what written on the official document and also what I asked my local office about in case we would be extending his visa with his savings as the consideration next time. Honestly, I never though getting married and living together with my husband would be this much of a hassle for us..
  3. Hi all, I'm a Thai and just done helping my husband filing his Non-O (Marriage) Visa for the first time. I hope the information I got from my local IO might help. BTW, please excuse my English. If you are applying with the 400k option, on the official document 'checklist', it is stated that you are required to show that you have no less than 400k deposited for 'the whole 3 months until the date of the application', and a letter from the bank to guarantee that you 'currently' have no less than 400k deposited in your account. The IO told me that the amount of money in the account must not go below 400k anytime during those 3-month period. However, there's a remark says 'only for the first-time applicant, the applicant must show that he has 400k deposited in his account for over 2 months.' Though the rules seem to be applied differently from one immigration office to another, I recommend your wife to contact your local office early in person to check. It will save you so much time.
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