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  1. Heh, this guy is my friend - his name is Siniša, and in Pula Rock City we all call him "Šime". He's a great guy who runs a great restaurant near my house. Here at the Croatian Adriatic where we live, modesty is a normal thing because every year there are quite numeruous cases of saving lives at sea. An excerpt from this 'Pula Travel Guide' can give you a good idea why it happens: "Do yourself a favor and throw a glance 10 meters left and right before you enter the water in the wrong place. Before you jump from the rocks, first enter the water slowly like a retiree and check how deep it is. Since every beachrock is a much harder than your head, don't ignore common sense even when the waves are small. Although the truth is that waves are always coming in the certain rythm and there's a short pause every few minutes - in case of medium and especially big waves, do not imitate inexperienced Tarzans or local individuals who know exactly what they're doing in the rough sea. In emergency cases, remember that swimming (distanced at least 10-15 meters from the coast) a few minutes to the nearest bay/cove is the best way to survive, for both you and your eventual savior(s)."
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