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  1. Ok, interesting. It sounds like you have some experience with it, do you have a business in another country too?
  2. Ok, good to know. So then it's just a case of keeping the funds outside of Thailand for a year before wiring it to a Thai bank account. What if i never wire my income to a Thai bank account and keep it offshore forever? I can pay bills or whatever easily using my offshore account and transferwise. Does withdrawing from an ATM count as bringing funds into the country? Is working for an offshore company without a work permit 100% legal, or a grey area? Like there's no law covering that aspect so they kind of tolerate it until they don't....
  3. Rumor is that ballot boxes are being opened to "sort" the votes in a neatly manner. Aren't those boxes supposed to be sealed until the official count???
  4. Yes, that's per month. Also including any outpatient cost and GP. I see why some older folk don't have health insurance in Thailand. $5000 is quite steep for some. Almost half of their pension.
  5. Excellent, good for you. It certainly is affordable even at your age. There i was worrying the prices would be USA-like, 500 ~ 1000 USD / month or so.
  6. Thanks. The cheapest one would be 20.633 THB for me, the most expensive on that list 72.048. Something in the middle around 35k, that makes almost 3k/month. Is that correct? We're talking about yearly prices right? It's inpatient only. Is there no coverage for outpatient? Or is outpatient in Thailand so cheap no coverage is needed?
  7. Peterw42, i just had exacty the same question on mind. What if i end up with an IBD flare in Bangkok hospital, how will they know it's not something new? I can just say it's the first time it ever happened to me. Same for the Asthma, after a year i could go to the pulmunologist and say i have breathing problems. It's unfair, but so are the insurance companies.
  8. Out of curiosity, is anyone willing to share their premium? How much do you pay? I pay around 5500 THB in my country for full cover, no exclusions and access to any medication. No co-pay or very little. I guess in Thailand premiums are double that amount?
  9. Yeah i'm not planning to :) You can keep Chiang mai and Bangkok. Been to Chiang mai only once, but Bangkok always gets me! Instant bronchitis and worsening of asthma.
  10. Thanks for the tip. I actually already investigated the possibility of bringing my current health insurance to Thailand. Until 8 years ago or so that was indeed possible for my acountry, but not any longer. Over the years i have learned a lot about my conditions to a point i know how to deal with it. I'm not worried about those. What i do worry about is contracting cancer, heart attack, stroke, etc. things like that. If fate strikes i don't want to end up with a bill of millions of baht.
  11. As a sidenote, it's really unfair. Wifey received a 5 years residence permit in Europe, can come and leave as she pleases. No reporting to do, no need to buy any visa or whatever. No ridiculous requirements like DRAWING a map and providing photo's of us on the freaking bed when she applied for her residence. No harassment by immigration officers when entering the country. She can buy and own land, do any work she likes, is entitled to benefits if needed and has amazing health insurance which covers her pre-existing illness. Me coming to Thailand? NONE of the above. Living in Thailand now sounds nothing more than an extended holiday really. I can great weather and a much better quality of life too in Southern Europe. I'm now only half sure if i want to make the leap. We've been discussing it and maybe we will relocate to another European country, and visit Thailand for holiday only. 8 months Europe, 4 months Thailand. The only drawback of living in Europe is the tax.... Although Portugal offers great tax incentives to new residents.
  12. I have savings to live off from for a few years. The autoimmune disease is pretty much under "control", i've not been on medication for several years. Asthma is still a problem but inhalers are cheap. The first year i don't want to do anything, i really need a year off. After that i hope to work for my LLC which is a disregarded entity (pass-through taxation to country of residence). I'm unsure if i need a work visa for that because it's not a Thai company, funds are not located in Thailand and the business does not have any customers in Thailand. Either that or change the tax-structure to corporate and then live off dividends. I'll probably need to contact an accountant or tax specialist in Thailand about the matter. Does Thailand still only tax territorial? If so, then probably i'll have to pay no tax at all.
  13. Thanks, so it will be either - An overseas bank where the customer holds an account sent via SWIFT OR i have to bribe someone to vouch for me.
  14. 1. Arrive in TH on visa exemption 2. Open bank account (but how???) and deposit 400k 3. Get non imm. o visa at Savannakhet 4. Enter TH with non imm. O visa 5. After 90 days extend visa with seasoned funds in bank account. Is that order correct? I'm just trying to figure out how to open a bank account on visa exemption... I read it's not allowed for tourists to open a bank account, a work permit is needed for that.
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