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  1. Not true at all. These so called ‘ignorant climate-change proponents’ are trying to make the world we live in a healthy and proper environment for the future generations to live in. How would you like to live in a place where you have to wear masks just to be able to breathe normally? I bet you’re one of those Trump-supporters whom believe global warming is fake.
  2. EVERYONE contributes to it. But these people are actually trying to do something about it and break the habits that we humans have as part of our day-to-day basis. What have you done ?
  3. Point is, it HAS been happening for millions of years, and no one has done anything to stop it. Finally, people actually decide to take action and you call them ‘ignorant’. The planet is still here, you think a whole planet will suddenly disappear ? The earth is billions of years old, and humans have only been on it for a short period of time compared to it. Yet they have already destroyed so much of its landscape.
  4. exactly, which is why around 50 students can’t go and just clean up the whole of Thailand. these students are there to inform the public and speak to the government so actual change can happen. rude online comments dont help either, ACTION DOES.
  5. disgusting how you’re talking about the people who are trying to change the problems that your generation has caused.
  6. but I think the point is mainly to inform and persuade the government?? also you can see online that many of the signs were translated in Thai as well. you’re a racist piece of shit.
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