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  1. You should learn to respect the country you are living in and the Buddhist culture and traditions! The more people like speak the worse it is for the rest of us.
  2. I'm guessing you didn't read the Mueller report yourself... did you? You are a lawyer, or are you just throwing out more BullSh@rt because your dreams of Russian collusion - which BTW, isn't a crime - never materialized? Why not spend your time advising the corrupt DNC in how to win in 2020, like coming up with a platform that isn't get Trump by ant means possible? You and your party are gonna be in a world of hurt after the IG report comes out and we find out the truth about who was actually colluding with the Russians.
  3. Really, the conservative right believe sex is only for procreation? That’s a new one! Conservative women are much much hotter than the over weight, green haired, angry screaming, liberal feminists. Most Thai women would fall under the category of conservative here in America. Thailand is a very conservative country, and it’s hot women make the point!
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