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  1. I rarely have seen otherwise. We should all sit at the feet of these bald, fat, beer drinking, tattooed from head to foot, dedicated followers of fashion.
  2. The quintessential farang know it all, making fun of the culture that feeds you. Really, Theravada Buddhism is made up? Thats exactly why people like you should stick to drinking yer cheap beer, and chasing as many women as possible, and eave the rest up to others. You type and your ilk give farang a bad name.
  3. By asking this question, ThaiVisa is promoting, and making a bigger issue out of this than it is, by likening it to the massive problems in the Catholic church. If indeed this is a problem on the scale that we need a survey, I think the Thai people can sort it out. If you are going to live in Thailand learn about and respect the Buddhist religion. Nothing worse than these foreigners who come here full of their political and religious baggage feeling superior. When basically all they do is drink beer and chase women.
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