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  1. Pointless to get outside help to state the obvious. It's a UN problem – very large numbers of Thais on the roads are UNlicensed UNinsured UNprotected (helmets, seatbelts) UNaware (no proper scheme of tuition for driving – but see above: if you don't have a licence, you won't have had the tuition…) and UNable to stay off the booze just till they get home. Farang advisers will not help in this situation because the laws already exist and are generally similar to international standards. The problem is with law enforcement, which is at the core of almost all non-political (as well as most political) problems in the soi-disant LoS. Farang advisers would be a waste of consultancy fees; Thai authorities would never accept their recommendations (the most obvious being to ban motorcycles…….). Note also, as the OP says, that the real numbers are far greater than stated – DOAs, uninsureds, and many many others just don't even get recorded.
  2. OP didn't mention any special reason for coming to LoS. How about Malaysia, with the MM2H programme - for a small fraction of the 500,000 baht Elite charges?
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