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  1. Thank you to everyone for your help! I checked with a lawyer who tells me that I can have one work permit with two employers. But if the first company that hired me is the one that let's me go, then regardless of having a second employer on my work-permit, I still need to re-enter the country. In this case my question is, will I face any issues at Suvarnabhumi Airport immigration when re-entering the country?
  2. Thank you for your response! I got my work permit in Phuket over a month ago, it's still a book. I believe it's digitised in Bangkok now.
  3. Hello Everyone, Wishing you all a very good morning from Phuket. I wanted to ask if it's possible to obtain two work permits from different companies in Phuket? I'm an Indian passport holder and I currently have a job with a company in Phuket, but if they let me go then I basically have 24 hours to get out of the country. This is why I want to have a second work permit as a back-up plan. Does Phuket immigration allow this? Alternatively, I have heard that I can have an extra address added to my current work permit, so that I will have two addresses from one company. This would mean that if one company lets me go, I don't have to leave the country because I still have my other work-permit. Apparently the work-permit is owned by immigration and not individual companies. Is this possible? I would be very grateful if someone could clear that up for me. Warm regards!
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