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  1. Glad to hear it,and lets hope they put on a few extra courses when they rebuild hadrians wall.
  2. Agree on your first point ,on your second i beg to differ,the " self employed " status is a way to get round paying the minimum wage,however a recent court case involving uber who lost,has meant all its workers are in fact employees,this should have implications to any employee using such a practise I
  3. Oh i don,t know,with a little help from their friends i.e " self employed""emp!oyment contracts,zero hour contracts ( formerly made possible by freedom of movement,now made possible thanks to the unemployment created by the corona pandemic ) sure they,ll cope.
  4. They,ll a!so have " freedom of movement " to settle in scotland,should they join the eu.
  5. Like they did when they took on all the bankrupt banana republics,backfired on them though dudn,t it ?
  6. Neither is my "fixation" if i want to be psyco-anaylised i.ll go to a professional,in the meantime stay on topic.
  7. On your first point how could the uk have made its own laws while we had freedom of movement in operation? The majority of the uks mps loved the eu as they could sit scratching theirselves,dreaming about their future in a well paid position in the eu,instead of actually doing the job they were paid to,this was proved by the antics following the peoples vote when the gravy train hit the buffers..i am obviously trying to flog a dead horse regarding trying to reason with you,so in future won,t bother.
  8. In the extremely unlikely scenario of scotland voting for independence,can,t see this fiasco helping their chances of gaining membership to the eu..
  9. And as its been explained to you,she had no respect or loyalty to the laws of her country, ( past tense )shes s**t her bed,now she has to lie in it,the uk is now independent of the eu ( a fact it would appear some sections of society have difficulty accepting )also i am not " back on my fixtation" i initially asked a question on here regarding a hypothetical scenario,which was answered.consequently the uk can now make its own long overdue laws up regarding safety and security.
  10. Still at least britain is vaccinating all its citizens,not like germany who are not vaccinating anyone over 65 and Belgium.not vaccinating anyone over 55 according to posters on here,one way to tackle a future pension crisis i suppose.
  11. Sin sod is for silly sod,give,em nowt
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