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  1. If Thailand wants to cozy up to China up to them,need to have a plan?stop buying their <deleted> and break off all diplomatic ties.
  2. Perhaps not ,but you keep harping on about the punters who couldn,t be bothered to vote
  3. It's not the colour of your skin it's the colour of your heart.
  4. So Cummins sons called ergo?bit off topic but that's a funny name for your sprog.
  5. What a honour to have the financial director of tat on the forumn.
  6. the Thai government has been a beacon of light in the dark times of corona,a lot of its guests should gratefully they,'ve been there as opposed to the plague ridden west,who just seem more worried about their economies than human lives.
  7. Corbyn had his judgement day at the election,the people decided,never mind spiel about punters who couldn,t be bothered to vote and red buses.
  8. They weren,t exactly itching to get over here before covid,was in pattaya jan-feb,it was like the dawn of the dead,the corona inadmissible be the last straw for a lot of peope.
  9. Seems the writings on the all for Thai tourism,you can only year the <deleted> out of something so far........
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