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  1. What with the uns pathetic track record think that,d be a case of goodbye and good riddance
  2. For all the claymore rattling you hear on here by bitter remainers,the majority of Scots know which side of their bread is buttered,when it comes to independence.
  3. Master of twisting stuff? And there was me thinking it was chubby checker.
  4. I would like to get about 25 tee shirts Silk screen printed for an army reunion next year, 3 colours on back single colour on front,any one had tee shirts printed recently?any recommendations and approx prices? Cheers
  5. your first paragraph is answered by your second,your obsession with racism (real or imagined,in your case i strongly suspect the latter )is that you,ve just posted a thread that completely contradicts itself,i do not wish to converse or attempt to converse with someone of your intellect,so draw a line under it,if my content and having a point of view offends you can only say put me on ignore,well totsiens menjheer,would like to say its been a pleasure,but it has,nt.
  6. why don,t you calm down dear and explain the racism you obviously feel so strongly about regarding curried goat?i.e what is so racially offensive about a simple dish?you obviously can,t grasp ( obviously a by product of continually playing the race card when you,re snookered ) that what my remark really pertained to was the stupidity of scotland attempting to rejoin the eu and the likely reaction of the eu in this hypothetical scenario,the last point reinforced by all the vitriolic comments made on tvf by people who aren,t even resident in the. uk,so just draw a line under it its getting borin
  7. practising free speech? which incidentally is a bastion of a free society.
  8. perhaps the concrete measures could be the french government blatantly turning a blind eye to the illegal entry to the U.K. from french soil by illegal immigrants and the french refusal to grant political asylum contary to the haig convention to refugees.
  9. showing your age if you remember the clitheroe kid,jimmy was an inspiration to us all and his legend will never die.
  10. still going on about curried goat?i could address your question but in view of your attitude have decided its a troll post,don,t want to,and not going to,i know your little game to get me to react and press your report button and get me suspended again,sorry duckie bitten before never again.good luck with your independence bid
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