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  1. Could be the over valued baht could be going for burton shortly,as the high baht makes their tourism and exports more expensive people will just stay away
  2. Very hard to get new tourists in,very easy to lose existing return tourists.
  3. Airline security don,t check how many pages you,he got in your passport,perhaps they might now as the airline will be financially liable to taking her home.
  4. Reminds me of the days when Britain laughed at race issues,it wasn,t one sided either.now it's used as a weapon by the pc brigade.
  5. If he,d have pulled a stunt like that in his own democratic country of origin would probably have copped an obe .( One behind the earhole)
  6. It was stated on this forum that he was an Egyptian think you,d be better off posting a link proving otherwise rather than harping on about the price of kippers.
  7. If I was so terrified of leaving the European union as the remainers I PERSONALLY would take my skills and talents else where,where I would be appreciated.please note all you race card merchants I am referring to myself.
  8. Was obvious they were going to be awkward,just like they,beenfor the last 42 years.no deals better than a bad deal,these colours don,t run.
  9. paradoxically it isn,t the travellers and the backwaters thatRuin holiday resorts it's massive tourism pattayas a classic example,at the end of the day you can,t make a Silk purse out of a sows ear
  10. Don,t waste your breath,the lack of punters will tell them that.
  11. Be fair,they,ve a also got 3 times the attitude
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