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  1. China's reliance on exports is quite low, just below 20%. Thailand's exports to GDP figure is 65%. Malaysia's is 70%. Singapore's is 175%.
  2. China is the top trading partner of many, many countries. Anyone can make stupid comments about their top customer but don't be upset later on if the top customer stops doing business with you. Tell me, farangs, what's the point of Thailand interfering in the internal affairs of China? Own internal problems too few to bother?
  3. I think the Thai government knows exactly what they are doing. I think they are trying to get rid of Thailand's image as a sex tourist attraction. You yourself have said before that Malaysia was a boring place for you and you preferred Cambodia. That shows many young farangs are in Thailand mainly for sex and to allow the continued visa-runs would keep Thailand's huge sex industry alive and definitely the Thai government doesn't like that. Malaysia has plenty of beautiful islands, cool highlands, better infrastructure, good food and cleaner air but that wouldn't be attractive enough to the typical sexpat. I have always avoided visiting Thailand in the past even though it is Malaysia's neighbour because of its image as a sex capital but after the previous military junta took over and tried to clean up its image, then only I started visiting Thailand for the food, shopping, temples, culture, scenic views and also for business. The Thai government's effort is paying off because it is now common for Malaysians to visit Thailand with the whole family, unlike in the past, where mostly only men would go to Thailand solely for the whores.
  4. Still learning Thai, not that good yet. First time to Thailand only 2 years ago. Do you actually say bad things about them in front of them? And how do they react? Hope to learn from any mistake, if possible.
  5. Do you share your views about the Thais with them, and in the Thai language?
  6. It's Padang Besar, not Pedang Besar. padang = field, pedang=sword, besar=big
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