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  1. Hello, everyone. First post here. I did some quick digging and found that 3bb comes up often here on these forums. Before I become jai ron and bring 3bb out here, I figured I should maybe try and troubleshoot a bit first. Long story short: Girlfriend and I got Gigabit internet installed at our new house a few days ago. The 1000-down/100-up package to be exact. It's ~$40.00 USD a month so I figured what the heck, more than enough for me but still, it's a good deal. Basically gaming has been my biggest hobby for many years now. And I'm slowly getting myself out there as a streamer, so in some way the gigabit connection seems appropriate. The problem is I'm not getting anywhere near what I'm paying for. My peak download speed so far on Steam in the last 5 days was 37 MB/s. I average around 15 MB/s. Often times it just stalls at 2.5 MB/s, which is what we were getting with old-ass 3bb DSL until we finally upgraded after we moved out of our old place. This is while I'm plugged into my LAN port with a Cat6a cable, by the way. My speed tests on the 3bb speed test website reports an average of 500 Mbp/s download speed. Half of what I'm paying for. Downloading games on Steam as I already mentioned is ~10% of what I should be getting. I've gone through two cables. Neither of them have yielded me better results. I'm not an IT guy. I can build and fix computers pretty well but administration and networking stuff is way beyond me to be perfectly honest. I'm hoping you guys can give me some stuff I can check. In my mind, I'm figuring it can be one of several things: -There's some kind of option/configuration on my router that I am not literate enough to comprehend that is causing me to bottleneck/not get full potential (some kind of port forwarding or something, I don't know.) -I'm being sold complete shit cables that are packaged and advertised as top of the line Cat6 and are losing tons of bandwidth (I'm getting ripped off in Thailand, again.) -3bb is throttling me or <deleted> with me in some way and are not providing me what I am paying for (I'm getting ripped off in Thailand, again). I am completely grateful and appreciative of anyone who takes the time to read this and offer me some feedback. Thank you in advance. Furthermore this is the laptop I'm using. It should have no problem handling Gigabit ethernet. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834154732
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