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  1. All the more reason for countries with national treasures like coral to lead by example, by taking IMMEDIATE AND AGRESSIVE ACTION in mitigating climate change!!! For Thailand this would mean: 1) Heavily fining first-time illegal burning offenders, before evicting repeat offenders and confiscating their land. 2) National emissions standards and draconian fines for drivers who soup their vehicles until they spew out dark smoke. 3) Heavily investing in solar roofs and heat pumps (instead of military toys when the TRUE enemy is climate change...). 4) Massively replanting forest land and most importantly, mangrove forests along the entire coastlines wherever possible. Thailand would then see their summer temperatures going down pretty quickly...
  2. Decreasing human overpopulation and wildlife habitat loss would be far more effective and important than the little greenwashing these “fine institutions” do. ($eaWorld still continues to tout their “invaluable conservation efforts” to save poor ocean creatures from their harsh environment...) Find me any kid in the world that doesn’t know a single thing about dinosaurs - and yet nobody has ever seen a dinosaur in a zoo... ”CAPTIVITY KILLS - DON’T BUY A TICKET” as the great Ric O’Barry and former trainer of the Flipper dolphins has always said!!
  3. Definitely my vasectomy at Bangkok Hospital, when I think of the millions of THB & all the troubles it’ll save me during my lifetime... And more recently, 2 traditional Thai genital & prostate massages from a terrific girl in Bangkok.
  4. “6) i not scare him iv told him that he will not get 1 more satang if he not finish the work.” Do you have any idea how cheap and easy it would be for him to get a hitman to eliminate you? Or do you really want to make headlines with you dead body in one of the next TVF newsletters?... This is not Europe and things don’t work the way you THINK they SHOULD! Just cough up the money and charge it to experience. Think of the 7 wh-questions to guide you in most life situations: 1) What? 2) Why? 3) Who? 4) Where? 5) When? 6) HOW? 7) How much?
  5. That’s what universities and academia are all about - we are studying ourselves into oblivion. Yet Mother Nature couldn’t care less about fancy degrees and theoretical papers in prestigious publications. If we can’t learn to live with nature rather than against it, we will become extinct within just a few generations...
  6. So they can jet all around? Every time I’m at the airport I see a few of those parasites. What ever happened to the tradition of WALKING with their bare feet from temple to temple, like the good old venerable Ajahn Chah used to do?
  7. Indeed, the day they try that here they’ll have to talk to our 3 German shepherds...🥰
  8. I once had a chance to attend a speech given by climate activist Leilani Munter at the UN in Geneva. At the end of her talk, I politely drew the organiser’a attention (in private) to the irony of serving imported water in plastic bottles, at an event on climate change - held in a country with delicious free drinking water from the tap... Even water fountains are way more efficient, consume less energy and produce less heat. ”Oh right, yes indeed. Good idea! I will forward your comment to my boss.” was the standard bullshit answer. In case anybody knows someone who knows someone else who works for these pretentious dummies, please feel free to forward this. ”If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem...” #AbolishUN
  9. Thank you! Denialist dummies should no longer be given a platform to spread their bullshit and the TVF moderator should have banned the poster’s nonsense!
  10. Now they should urge foreigners to report illegal Thai burning!!!...🥵
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