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  1. 3 hours ago, arithai12 said:

    If you arrived in early March, 60 days (30 days visa exempt plus one permitted extension of 30 days) will take you nicely " till end of songkhran festival". What is the problem?

    Will head down to enquire, regarding the permitted extension. Problem is that, i did not apply for visa prior visiting thailand thus am not sure if the extension will be applicable

  2. Hello, i am holding a singapore passport and i came to chiang rai in early march and am set to return end of this week however i am considering to stay longer till end of songkhran festival with my relatives. Are there any options to allow me to stay in thailand for more than 60 days. No visa applied beforehand, only given the 30 days allowance stay in thailand when i arrived.

    Is it possible to apply for a visa in the immigration office* located here or i am able to apply for the 30 days extension stay thing.


    Thanks for reading and if possible do drop me some advice

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