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  1. If there's one thing the internet has actually done, its given the young guy newbies a dose of reality that Thai women dont really want em' for their good looks, charm, big willy etc etc. lol
  2. why is it getting so hard for Retirees to stay in Thailand ? How about this for an easy explanation.... Guys on the site have been criticizing the Thai government for years, calling out corruption, Cronyism, politicians stealing money..on and on While civilian governments ruled it might not have been such a big deal. But now Posters are admitting that Thai Immigration and the government monitor these sorts if sites. So i ask you, would any government in the world accept such criticism and allow outsiders to try to turn the actual citizens (who can actually vote) against the government??? The funny thing is, it doesnt even matter if what you say (as a foriegner) is right or wrong, you will never change anything here. Actually, truth be known, the only thing you have probably helped change is the implementation of more restrictive visa rules. So next time anyone makes a thread, or whines or comments on brown paper bags or whatever... Know that YOU could be, in fact, making a small contribution to why it is so hard to stay in Thailand!!
  3. Yes, its preposterous. Im guessing the only way is... if the foriegn consulates would be required to forward the application to Immigration at Bangkok, have it checked and ok'd by specially trained staff at Chaengwattana, before it is granted. That way the in-country IOs wont have to check it. But yes, one might be forgiven for thinking this issue has a LONG history of threads being created for click-bait.. so....
  4. Good luck for Australians applying then. I might be wrong, but i doubt there are many Australian insurance companies that will do 12month travel insurance for Thailand. And even if they do, how will the IOs proof read these policies at entry points in Thailand? Or will the IOs just accept the application and insurance policy has already been vetted by the consulates and not even bother checking? Will every IMM officer now be able to read all insurance policies in all languages? I dont know, i cant see how they can possibly implement this.
  5. Posters on the bigger Aus OAP thread mention getting granted "portability" after applying and staying in Aus the 2 year period. From what i understand, after you satisfy the requirements you are free to travel once again? Are you saying he must remain in Aus for good to keep the pension? As long as he is an Aus citizen, surely he can return anytime and apply? The amount of time he lived/worked in Aus might alter the conditions but surely he can still apply?
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