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  1. Yes, but there have been many folks around the world who have already been under house arrest for the past X months.. treated like criminals for crimes they most certainly DID NOT commit. (Its actually what they do to rapists and paedos in some countries) And I never enjoyed being treated like a criminal, relegated to my own home, though i guess for some, doing it in a hotel might be a slightly better novelty. But no thanks, whatever way its sliced and diced, i aint travelling long haul just to experience that. And If i told others i was conte
  2. Not to be a negative nelly, but the thing everyone seems to be forgetting here, is that the vaccines will not be 100% effective on everyone anyway. This is what makes Thailands (and other countries) crazy hoop jumping process even more silly.. Right now they want zero risk of infected people entering, but even when everyone is vaccinated, there will still be those who the vaccine won't work on. Therefore, there will still be a chance that a certain % of people will be infected and crossing through borders anyway... well, that is of course, unless t
  3. Exactly. So, If this opinion is right and we cant eradicate the virus, and it will be with us forever, regardless, then what we have done is essentially shut the whole world down for absolutely nothing. Time to open up, get life back to normal before more lives are lost and people everywhere suffer more trauma as a result of the ridiculous over-reaction to it.
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