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  1. Well you wont be saying yippee if they treat your places like they do the rest stop centers. In the shops they are just a hindrance, as they block the aisles from real customers, gawking and usually buying nothing. Then In the toilets a lot of them like to pเss and shเt just about everywhere except in the receptacles. To be blunt, you are paying someone to clean up their pเss and shเt and most times not even getting 1 baht out of them.
  2. Yes. What im saying is the article was actually correct. (when i read it anyway) This whole <deleted> started because an earlier poster was criticizing the article because he thought it said 0.047%
  3. Why not just simply put the responsibility/culpability right back to the user(s) who post lies and rubbish? If every user had to be verified with I.D, and actually held personally responsible for their own comments, all the rubbish would end tomorrow.
  4. Its all in he indoctrination that this Thai government has perfected, so much efficiently than all the previous.. That foreigners are the devil, and a neccessary kind of evil that Thais must tolerate to keep international face. It will be interesting when the Thai people start asking the hard questions though. They can hardly announce a large chunk of their problems is due to the fall in tourism, since they always taught Thais that foreigners are insignificant and contribute maybe 4 or 5% / GDP. Its all their superior "best in the world" management and "Thai innovation". lol We already know the "dirty foriegner" is the cause of the virus and not the Chinese, So this might be a good occasion to take the usual tried and tested, well known spiel and tweak it a little... "Its all the foreigners fault because they DIDN'T come to Thailand"
  5. As for Australia and Thailand, im betting Thailand will be open for business (and international travel) LONG before Australia lets any of us out. At the moment, we have 2 female premiers, (NSW & Q'LAND) where one refuses to even open the borders between the 2 states. So, take it as a hint, we could ALL be locked in the penal colony for a LONG time. Even when allowed to travel, Aussies will surely be considering the Thai visa requirements, and the 14 day quarantine situation. If Thailand keep all that nonsense going, i can't see many Aussies going back ASAP... Providing: -You havent got family or other urgent business in Thailand. -You have got non-problematic accommodation sorted in AUS. -The AUS government keep paying many of us (semi-generous) stimulus money to kick start the economy. I love Thailand myself, but above considered, and with all the other issues (to long to go into here) I think any Aussie would be crazy to even consider going to Thailand before next year.
  6. I dont know anything about US laws, and im sure Trump isnt serious about this, But if he is merely salty about being called out on lies, and uses presidential powers to go after entities like Twitter, then surely it not some form of abuse of power and/or abuse of the office ???
  7. I think nothing to do with math or broken calculators. Unless they have since edited the article, it would seem the problem might be with Raphus's eye glasses. 555
  8. I dont think so. 27,000 × 0.47% = 126.9 unless my calculator is also broken
  9. Looks to me like he aint got a pot to <deleted> in, let alone pay for a pxxxy to ejaculate in.
  10. And who can be suprised? There are so many wลnkers in power and making decisions all over the world right now, but lets crucify this poor shmuck.
  11. If they don't get rid of this numbskull soon, all the world will really believe all Americans are nutjobs. Its as if the guy has split personalities, and he has no idea of the lies that his other personalities have told. It can be no wonder if Twitter puts warning notices on just about everything he says. The comment he made about spraying, disinfecting yourself, and even drinking stuff, us a prime example. Then when people actually tried it and got sick, hes like "I dont know where people are getting these ideas from" LOL. The ironical thing is, Trump was one of the first to call out "fake news" but he himself uses it constantly in all his silly rants. If Covid teaches us anything, we should be really enforcing laws where individuals and corporations can get sued to the nines for reporting outright lies and rubbish. Of course half of Youtube will get shut down instantly, but so be it if it stops the dumbing down of the the next generation. What of all the youth coming up that know no better, and actually believe all this reptillian shape shifter and UFO rubbish. "And Jesus Wept"...is a term you once saw quite often on ThaiVisa, but these days there has never been a time more fitting.
  12. Not exactly sure what you are getting at there, but there has been a study circulating around Thai social media. Originally in Italian i believe, (well, a so called study) saying Covid is not a virus, but just a bacteria in the gut and Aspirin will cure it. lol. That is the sort of fake news and rubbish that is getting around that unfortunately many Thais actually believe. Translated to Thai, It stated the whole thing was uncovered by "Italian scientists who went against the WHOs orders not to do autopsies on Covid bodies."
  13. Poor Thailand. This is like the election date that had to be constantly held off and extended.... ( and for how long?) And because of what?.. National security??? Hmm well this is just Perfect timing. Wonder how long they can possibly milk out of this Covid? Maybe more importantly, will the Thai populace stand for it this time???
  14. Yes, but obviously the trouble here is that the Thais are not falling for the brainwashing. How long will it go on? Will we be carrying on like this for months/years after the last patient is checked out of hospital? If no-one around you has got it, the idea of taking all these measures to "protect yourself".... from something that isnt there is just frikkin silly. Fair enough, if the numbers were crazy high like in other countries, but in Thailand 90% of the very few people who get it will recover in the same manner as a common cold. Funny, a lot of these western snowflakes are here commenting negatively about how Thais are going about it. But they themselves could have retreated home 3 months ago and hid in their mommas basements if they were that worried about how Thais would handle it.
  15. Amazing Thailand, even covering the eyes of the purps. Oh for the good old days... A room full of coppers standing around pointing at the bad farang, and a shot of their passports linked to the article. Oh nostalgia!
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