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  1. The late great guru Wayne Dyer said.. "the opposite of love is fear" (not hate). Its only logical you cant talk sense into people who are trained to be gripped in fear, since they chose it Its all to powerful. Futile, in the same sense as trying to reason with someone madly in love.
  2. From what ive read its somewhat similar all throughout much of the world.. Australia being the worst of course, locking down a capital city the size of Melbourne for the sake of 2 people infected. <deleted>? AND wont even let citizens leave the country. complete madness. But wait see, once a few countries start opening up fully, even the staunch ones like Australia wont want to be left behind at the bite of the tourism apple. I know im going against the grain here, but im predicting some positive leaps and bounds in the next 3
  3. I would normally agree, but sadly (with Thais) from what ive noticed, their biases and opinions are nearly all the same from all wrungs of society. Ill bet the remaining 99.9999% of society would pretty much give all the same results as what this poll reported. It took me a long time to even fathom it could be that way, but ive been around a fair few of them in 10 years, so it cant just be coincidence.
  4. I saw a fella once, named Jean-Pierre, i think. Did a pretty decent version of 'Sweet Surrender' though i think it might have been in his genes!
  5. Flawed thinking im afraid. Wealthy people are usually smart.. and smart people use other peoples money to grow wealthy and get stuff. Seen many a guy in Thailand think they are clever, hooking up with the wealthy Thais. It starts with Sin-sod, and then ends after a few short years of keeping little precious in the lifestyle she is accustomed to. And guaranteed, If its a Thai/Chin wealthy family, and you are the farang, you certainly wont be benefitting from any of their wealth. Take THAT to the bank! Most likely you
  6. So just how many years of life expectancy are they basing that figure on? I know they are talking about Thai people here, but in my case id have to around 70y.o and dead before 80 to.make those figures work
  7. Why would you want to go back to Oz anyway? A good deal of people are angry about not being allowed to travel out of Australia at this time. How outbound travellers are a Covid threat to Australia is beyond me, but it looks like they are intending to keep us locked up here, LONG after all other countries will be opening up international travel
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