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  1. Had another meeting with my friend as she came back from family. It seams that her sister is very good friend with the manager of the local bank. I questioned her and she now believes that the loan was not giving through the bank but through the manager personally. Making some money illegaly. I told her, that the ball is now back in her sister's hands and that she has to solve the problem with her friends herself. I am out of the game.
  2. Good afternoon, I know what most of you will now say. Don't do it. Stupid thing to do. etc I have a friend. She has land in her village. Rubbertrees, land to build her house, land used as rice plantation. Now, her sister needs some money. My friend would like to pay sister's 3 rai of land, actually with rubber trees for 100.000. She has not the money for the moment. I know, we can't own any land. I would borrow her the money. How could I protect myself? Sorry if this thread or a similar one came already up somewhere. Regards,
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