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  1. And never mention that you have a life insurance, worth xxx. Life could be very short after that information to brother, uncle;.....
  2. Have a UR-7/L-4 and middle L_3/S-6 after an active night. No cream to ease the problem.
  3. The 0 to 10 year old. The 11 to 20 year old The 21 to 30 year old The pregnant ones The lazy ones The ones, dating farangs The mia-nois The 31 to 40 year old The midlife crisis ones The 40 to 89 year old Allowed, all over 90
  4. Hasn't the 2nd Sheriff in charge taken the Chinese one? How is he feeling?
  5. On lead, you will see the farang who walks with his much younger GF because she is scared, he will get lost or someone else will see the "handsome" qualities.
  6. Good one. I will try that at my condo. Must be a super mini dog and fit into my pocket.
  7. That's why there are thousands of beauty clinics everywhere. Nose job. Boobs job. Cut a piece job. Skin whitening job. Hair removal job. Botox job. They are obsessed, looking like ....
  8. I got yesterday an email from my embassy that there will be a change in "Affidavit" to renew your permission to stay. They basically gave a form where you complete your monthly/yearly income and the Embassy confirms "YOUR SIGNATURE". Until 30/06, no change but prove of funds required as pension or other income. FROM 01/07, always prove of funds requested and they will only inform, that they confirm your signature but by no means that your income is true. That's probably the end of the "Affidavit to renew your permission to stay". My renewal
  9. Reward of 500Baht for the honest finder of my party pants. Please hurry up, I have a date tonight.
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