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  1. And DO NOT FORGET to inform your health insurance provide to put all informations regarding your policy on the Immigration website. They can look it up, straight away and make sure it is more or less valid for the 1 year extension you are asking for. If your insurance runs out in a few months, you won't get a 1 year extension of stay.
  2. How long can they store those Chin... vaccines until it gets worthless? No takers.
  3. Car insurance Certificate? Why would they want to see that? Maybe next, Oyster card.
  4. Pornping sounds great. Have to google them. Probably most TV members do the same and soon Agoda will say: "Hurry up, very popular on your requested dates". Occupancy rate at 125%.
  5. Which hotel was that? Dirty Harry on soi 6? Asking for Bill, a friend of mine.
  6. First candidate just replied. Hello handsome man. My name is Lou, recently divorced. I read your profile and am very much interested in knowing you better. You may ask now, why my English is above average. Well, I married a rich US citizen who owned a few factories. I lived in the US with him and before moving to Thailand, he sold his complete empire. His worth is around 150 Million Baht. We build a beautiful 500m2 house on a 2 rai piece of land on a beautiful island. We own a few penthouses in BKK. I'm driving a Ferrari Monza SP1 and a few other
  7. Sure. She is probably the CFO of distributing the tips, end of the day.
  8. The way to go is "removable homes". If she decides that you are not more what she wants, tell her that she can keep her land and you take the house back. https://www.loveproperty.com/gallerylist/71214/these-ingenious-movable-homes-could-set-you-free
  9. I try this on the banking board. Do I get free money for life too?
  10. House was 4 Million. He got 25% back. She took the loan of 1000,000, probably over 10, 15, 20 years of more. I would be happy to pay a little towards that outstanding mortgage and if things go sour, just walk away. Better then sponsoring the whole 4,000.000 probably cash.
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