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  1. Or exhaust pipes so big, you can hide a small car in it.
  2. 50,000 fine or you say "fine", here you go, take the envelope.
  3. I mate is selling his Merc. 2nd hand and only 35k miles. Asking price 2,3 Million Baht. Be quick.
  4. Most members here are heavy involved in farming. 100s of Rai rice fields, Thousands of buffalos. Min of 500 Rai fruit trees. Better choose a darker inside not the white one.
  5. 12/13/14/15 Continue counting up to 100,000 a month and I will send you my CV.
  6. She just pretends to be sleeping. If she is awake, maybe you want to have another go. Better to pretend to be tired.
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