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  1. Forgot to mention: I clearly mentioned on my T.M. 6 that I have a NON-O A visa and the number. He just did not care.
  2. Good morning, On Monday, I took a flight from Suvarnabuhmi to Kuala Lumpur. Yesterday evening, I came back. There were quite long queues. I prepared my passport well. A paperclip to show my visa and my last stamp with admitted until 19/03/2020 The office took a while to check through my passport and on his screen. He stamp my passport and handed all back to me. As I read on Thaivisa, it is always good to check the stamp. I went to get my luggage and checked. Ohhhh, admitted until 19/07/2019 !!!!! He gave me a 1 month stamp. I went back and spoke with another officer. He was very friendly. I was behind him and could see, what was on his screen. My passport with photo and a history of me coming in and out. He could identify the officer who just saw me before. I went back and I explained him, that I have already an "admitted until 19/03/2020" in my passport. HE: oh, you have visa?? Me: yes He put another stamp in my passport with entrance date 19/06/2019, admitted until 19/07/2019 (this was a stamp). He overwrote this admitted until stamp with a pen and wrote 18/06/2020 and in the top right corner, he wrote O-A I hope he changed this as well on his computer. If I am not wrong now, the following applies: I am good now to stay until 18/06/2020 2 months before this date, I have to keep the balance of 800 k in my account. If I travel now out of Thailand, I have to apply for a re-entry or multiple re-entry permission. Keep an eye on what stamp they put in your passport. Thanks to Thaivisa, I did it and hopefully avoided further problems. Regards,
  3. Good afternoon, Sorry for asking again a question what probably has already been asked many times. We, a family of 3 entered Thailand mid July last year. Daughter on a student visa (International school) Partner (non married) on a non-immigrant guardian O-visa Me on a retirement visa. We applied for our visas in Brussels. We use an agent to do the run to immigration in Bangkok. We have already done our 3 monthly reports. This week, I gave agent our passports to go to immigration and I got them Thursday back but there was no paper proof that reporting has been done and when to report again. Agent told me, that all is on file/online and that we do not need a proof or paper. In July, we have to renew our yearly visa. Partner has her own visa based on guardian duties. She had to open an own account with 500k Me, I have to have 800 k in my account. I left on my own in January for a short trip to Singapore. WhenI came back, I got a stamp with a date of 20th of January 2020. My daughter and me, we went to India 2 weeks ago for 4 days. Agent told me now, that I do not need to renew my yearly non Immigrant O visa and get again in touch with him in January 2020. I am now completely confused about what exactly is going on. Daughter and mom have to renew in July Me in January. All 3 of us have a multiple entry visa. Could you please clarify as I do not want to run the risk of being in trouble if I do not renew my visa in July. Kind regards,
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