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  1. Well, yes. Anyone can ask for any witness they want. And I've already pointed out the relevance of calling Hunter Biden specifically. The fact that it got two leftists to dishonestly spin and go personal make it abundantly clear I'm doing quite well with my arguments. Now, feel free to tell me how I am wrong. One can ask for any witness they want. True or false?
  2. What's odd about it? I have a life. And that didn't include this web site until recently. But your choice to go personal is noted. That's what people who are losing arguments do.
  3. No. You are grossly misrepresenting what I said. That's what people who are losing arguments resort to.
  4. Yes, I live with reality quite easily. Just because Adam Schiff can reject any witnesses he wants doesn't mean any interested party shouldn't ask for the witnesses they feel are appropriate. I'm sure no rational person would think otherwise.
  5. Well yes, obviously Hunter Biden can offer insight into whether his father acted illegally. I suspect Republicans know a crack head will be easy to pry open on the stand and find out. As for the Trump offspring, perhaps you should demand an investigation. I'm sure Americans aren't getting weary of the "get Trump!" posture of the last three years.
  6. Obviously, it would be to address the legitimacy of Trump's concern for the Biden's Ukraine grift.
  7. What does David Attenborough have to do with this? And what's wrong with pointing out what an angry, hateful and hostile little girl Greta is? Facts aren't misogynistic.
  8. You left out your problem. Trump made no mention of holding back aid at all, much less in exchange for Ukraine to "find out what happened". Oops! Then of course, "find out what happened" could have resulted in finding out Biden did nothing wrong- and that would have satisfied Trump's request. Now, let's address your attempt to equate crack head Hunter Biden with the Trump children. Of course Trump helped his children along in the real estate business. For decades. That's what parents do. Any rational person would expect that. Hunter Biden's sudden segue to international business after being kicked out of the Navy for drugs using an elected official parent as leverage is obviously an entirely different matter.
  9. If it's insane not to prosecute, why was a civil settlement reached? It appears your complaint should be directed at the prosecutor(s).
  10. Add to that the whistleblower is just a DNC operative who conspired with Adam Schiff. Eventually, the truth will come out. As far as Ukrainian-American Colonel Vindman, he's like many leftists- upset that Trump won. In his case, he also suffers from the delusion that he and other State and Intel hacks run foreign policy. They are terribly wrong.
  11. I guess they think the president of Ukraine is too dumb and/or too weak to speak his mind. I'm not sure what else I'm supposed to think when they tell me not to listen to what he said about the phone call.
  12. Well yes. Obviously, most if not all organizations have to change and evolve or risk becoming obsolete. Just look at Blockbuster, Polaroid and other companies who didn't evolve with the times and changing needs. A political/defense organization like NATO is not immune from becoming obsolete. I'm not sure how this is really news.
  13. I don't need an editorial on the phone call. I read the transcript.
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