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  1. So local elections don't count? And how many were NOT caught? Here's a guy recently busted for rigging Democrat primaries. I guess rigging primaries doesn't count. https://www.phillyvoice.com/voter-fraud-south-philly-judge-elections-guilty-domenick-demuro-democrat-voting-machines/ Now comes the really trick part. It's going to take some logical thinking. Is there any reason to think people are limiting voter fraud tactics to local elections? A real toughie, isn't it? And should we assume the voter fraud cases in Oregon in the 2016 election are the only people who committed fraud? https://www.oregonlive.com/politics/2019/04/10-oregon-voters-plea-guilty-to-voter-fraud-in-2016-presidential-election.html Hey, 2016 election. That would cover local, state and national, right?
  2. debunked by hardcore liberal *factcheckers* There, fixed it for him.
  3. Yes, I read the same thing. It was on www.tinfoilhatleftists.com or something similar.
  4. Yeah, other than the Democrat party being the party of slavery, Jim Crow, George Wallace, Joe Biden and the KKK, they do a pretty good job of pretending to be for civil rights.
  5. I disagree with Trump. Social media companies can do what they want. Only government can't restrict free speech rights of companies. Actually, Trump and leftists have a lot in common here. Leftists love to tell companies how to run their businesses with policies that go against the spirit of "we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone". Hopefully, at some point, people will tire of the Twitter, Facebook et al thought police and launch sites where freedom of speech isn't just for leftists.
  6. About the same as screaming Democrats offering lip service.
  7. Yes, I vividly recall Clinton demanding civil rights protections as he gave China most favored nation status. Oh wait a minute.... Even still, I prefer to operate based on results, not how loud someone screams. I guess that's just me.
  8. Not silly. Provable. Just read posts from many leftists here and on other forums. And why do you think four actions by Republican presidents disproves my assertion anyway?
  9. Yep, those were all horrible moves. Now.... the year is 2020. Come join us.
  10. You're right. Let's stick to the topic. Joe Biden thinks he knows better than black people as to who's black. Do you agree with him? And how about him blaming a black man for his statement? Do you also blame the black man?
  11. Unfortunately, even in the USA, many side with communists. They typically vote for Democrats.
  12. Twitter deletes hate speech. What if I tweeted about injecting Trump with a syringe full of air? That would be hate speech and deleted, correct?
  13. But still, mail in ballots were problem, yes?
  14. It's nice to see you can get something right once in a while.
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