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  1. how come thailand never seem to be invited to any country with the red carpet treatment I never see uk or europe invited this thai goverment
  2. UK is being ban from thailand because it's a high rist country they are allowing the filth of the world in to thailand the filth of the world have kill 10s of thousands of people and thailand welcoming them with open arms like if nothing have happen at was 100 % they was going to let the filth back in first the people of uk can say bye bye Thailand and stick your country up your ass and other countrys should do the same there are much better countrys in the world then u and not all about greed and Chinese
  3. A 6 months tourist visa u need to show rent agreement and £5000 in bank showing it been there 6 month and they are pulling u now with a 6 months tourist they are saying u are not a proper tourist u are living in Thailand they pull me in don muaeng and stop my Visa and told me if I ever try to entry thailand on a multi tourist I would not be allow in to thailand I went to penang for 1 and return at when they pull me he give me the 60 days and told me I can extend 30 days and I would not get the other 60 days so I got 120 days out of the 180 days so I could not get them extra 60 days he stop them days and told me dont try to enter thailand with any multi tourist visa u not be allow in
  4. I like to know the month thailand hit the peak with the virus and the fall off Thailand must be the only country in the world who didnt hit the peak there never been any reports in thailand saying when thailand hit the peak every country report the month they hit the peak
  5. These Thais make u laugh how they always blame farang every thai who have court this virus have come for form different countrys and not thailand and the people who court it in thailand every 1 seem to got over it and no person on this site can answer this question when did thailand hit the peak and month and the months of the fall off every country in the world can say when it hit peak there been no information on this in thailand uk never had 10 millions chickys in the uk thailand did uk got 38000 deaths thailand had 57 deaths it just dont had up the figures
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