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  1. Which countries would that be? You left out the most important part. Look at Cambodia, former world record holder for largest nation with no deaths; B117 arrived and deaths followed immediately. You'd have to be lobotomized not to see this. But I get it, you're a Covid-denier and facts simply don't matter for you or you find some fake news to counter them. Anyway, the Darwin award will in the future go to those thinking this is just the flu or much less severe even than the flu, as you are arguing.
  2. Well, this fatalism and shining through of doubt that any of this works is your issue. The choices you make *for yourself* absolutely make a difference during these times, there's no doubt about that.
  3. It's much worse in Phnom Penh. Kampot province has gotten off lightly so far with now only 6 cases, all found 40 km away from the city in Kampong Trach. Unfortunately, Kampot has also seen the first case, that I know of, of an expat being arrested for breaking the curfew rules (he was dumb enough to post his "big night out" on a FB group and even though he deleted it soon after it was already too late). We are now waiting what his sentencing will be.
  4. Since Tourist visas have been suspended since last April, both on arrival and at consulates abroad, I wonder who is classified as a tourist im 2021?
  5. Just pointing at numbers and hiding under what circumstances they were achieved is incredibly misleading and unscientific.
  6. I quoted you directly, so you are blaming yourself now? Otherwise, your framing makes no sense here. Thanks for owning it. Yes, we've suffered through these nonsensical comparisons for a year now (I won't get into how you can't compare an infectious disease spread through the air with car accidents, it just makes you look very ignorant). It's as lacking in common sense as someone banning most cars and then comparing a different cause of death to the - suddenly - low number of traffic deaths, stating how much more dangerous that other cause is. This is Dunning-K
  7. There's a vaccine against the flu. It's been around for many years and gets tweaked for whatever seasonal strain is making the rounds that year. If people don't take the flu vaccine, that's their choice. Obviously, they won't be forced. Also, influenza finds perfect transmission conditions because it isn't combatted on a broad scale with face masks, strict hand hygiene and other measures. This is what happens when we just let a virus run rampant and it would be worse if we did the same with Covid-19. The Covid numbers are so much lower because action was taken (proof below) but I u
  8. So, you went from "it's relatively harmless" (translation: "I didn't get it/it was mild and the same goes for most people I know") to "it's not killing a "high" proportion of people". Already a contradiction in itself as something that's harmless by definition never kills anyone or we wouldn't call it it literally "causing no harm". Also, literally nobody's saying the vaccines a silver bullet but the alternative - doing nothing, from what most Covid-deniers are saying - or, putting high-risk groups into lockdown for the foreseeable future - just isn't feasible.
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