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  1. So did Faust, and the similarities don't stop there.
  2. The BS I was referring to was fake asylum claims, delay, court hearing, delay, appeal, delay, appeal, delay, constant claims of human right abuses, issue of deportation notice, location and apprehension, and whatever else fits between arrival and departure. But spin away if that floats your boat.
  3. Deportation is, and should be, the ultimate result of illegal immigration, no matter how much BS you manage to fit between the two.
  4. So let me very clear about this. You accept that the Iranians attempted to divert a British tanker, but that is merely harassment. Now, if the diversion was successful once illegally in Iranian waters the vessel could be seized, unless the diversion was an invitation to watch the submarine races or some other harmless prank. Which led a RN frigate to threaten mayhem on the diverters, in fact, starting a shooting war. But you believe, and think the MoD believes, this was not a serious attempt to seize a British vessel as retribution. Because...........
  5. Do I detect wishful thinking? If illegal immigrants believe the BS that they have been fed, that they have a "human right" not to be deported and start shooting ( and how unusual would that be in the gun-crazed US), I'm sure there are plenty who would use the resulting deaths as a political weapon. In most countries, if you start shooting at law enforcement officers carrying out their duties, the right and wrong is very clear. Demonizing of ICE is done for a purpose.
  6. To answer your question, YES I do, it was bloody obvious enough for most people. And yes it would be really stupid to accuse others of lying when they are supplying quotations of what you posted such as Now tell me that you are "accepting" and not "stating" because I would love to hear your tortured version of the semantics. Oh, I see you've already done it. I was right, the defence of what you stated and what you accepted to be true is hilarious.
  7. They could harass the tanker by forcing to to slow or stop. You have stated they were attempting to divert into Iranian waters, WHY? Do you not agree that a ship which leaves recognised shipping lanes and enters territorial waters would be subject to applicable laws regarding stop, search and seizure? At least try to be credible. Any positive change would be a major improvement from such a low base.
  8. By not announcing which cities, he has made illegal immigrants in 300 cities (over 100,000 pop) feel nervous, to varying degrees. If only a few of them talk about their fears of deportation to relatives in their countries, it could reduce enthusiasm for immigration. Do I think Trump thought of that? Not bloody likely.
  9. I would love to hear your explanation of WHY Iranian boats were trying to divert a British tanker into Iranian waters, if not to intercept or seize? Take into account recent events and see if you can up with something even remotely credible.
  10. Photos of Kismayu are quite rare. If I add that to my collection I will have one.
  11. That should make a few hundred deportations easier. Any other demands before you go?
  12. Is he suggesting Prayuth should attend parliament rather than preparing an itinerary for a tax-payer funded world tour? But are they still being paid to be members of PTP and vote the party line? A clear statement that this (illegal in most democracies) practice has ceased would go a long way to dispelling the perception that they are bought and paid for puppets.
  13. Well clearly that attempt and failed, and you are not educated, most likely because of the deficiencies highlighted on other threads. Did you really not read the very first line?The philosophy (that means thinking) is that small armed vessels are cheap to produce and their crews expendable, but deployed in sufficient numbers they can defeat much larger and more expensive warships. How you fail to recognise that a small boat armed with a missile or torpedo could be a threat to a frigate is amazing. For further education, I suggest you go kick a wasp's nest.
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