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  1. I am also self-employed and there is basically 0 info on this on all the million pages on thaivisa.com.
  2. No matter how idiotic Thai immigration law is, 90% of you will ultimately support it. And the 10% that you do not support, you'll criticize America.
  3. I always love how everyone in the UK or Europe thinks that we Americans should be "Ashamed" of ourselves. "Every single American" should be ashamed.
  4. Mate, rather than focusing on American politics, why not focus on your own?
  5. I did end up changing my return ticket date to Sept. 24th. One scenario I was thinking: Enter Thailand on visa-on-arrival, get a 1-month extension on that = 2 months. Before that expires, take a 2-3 week trip to Vietnam. Apply for a SETV there = 2 months plus 1 month extension. Total = 5 months. I turn 50 on January 16th. Would this work? THE SETV requires a return ticket out of Thailand so I'm not sure how I'd handle that. Just get a cheap flight-out ticket to wherever? I'm trying to avoid having to apply for a SETV or METV in the States since it is now the 18th of July, the processing time alone can take "a minimum of 15 days" and then there is the shipping back and forth delays. So I'd be pushing my luck if I need to depart on the 26th of August, at which time I might be bereft of my passport.
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