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  1. Nah. The present mayors family have been running the show in Pattaya long before Prayut was around. To be fair, they are a victim of their own success. They couldn’t have foreseen just how popular Pattaya would become. Prayut sacked the current mayors brother. He only reappointed the current mayor because the election was coming up and the Khunplumes always won convincingly. Thinking if you can’t beat them, make them join you. It backfired though, Ittipol Khunplume ran for parliament with Prayut in the recent election but was soundly beaten by Future Forward.
  2. In Pattaya they are Adonis. These blokes pull supermodel looking girls. Back in the west, blokes with six packs who work out everyday don’t do as well as us, er, I mean, him.
  3. There is a massive billboard welcoming tourists to Thailand as drive out of swampy.
  4. That look is very popular with the ladies in Pattaya. He is probably with a little stunner. Amazing Pattaya.
  5. They all are not as innocent as they look. Maybe I am biased, but tattooed heavy drinking Pattayans, seem to get in more disputes with people on average.
  6. If it was an old lady etc I might believe it. But a tattooed foreigner living in Pattaya with a huge beer guts makes me a little skeptical. I wonder if it were farangs or Thais who attacked the car. I am tipping a farang was behind it. Attacking someone’s car is more likely to be farang instigated IMO. Anyone know him? I can’t remember ever seeing him around.
  7. He won 87 seats out of 500 and allocated himself another 23 on top of that plus the 250 automatic senators. And another 19 who were sort of elected have been gently persuaded to join his team. A clear victory and a mandate from the people. Near enough is good enough.
  8. With your wife having no income, and you only having 30% deposit I doubt the bank will loan you the money. what interest rate are they telling you? It varies a lot. They won’t tell you that you have no hope of getting the loan. They will get you to sign hundreds of pages of documents, get your hopes up for a couple of months and it will all be for nothing. If you are wanting say 5 million, they will probably offer you 500,000 baht, which will be useless. If if you are worried about your wife with no income doing a runner, just “jokingly” tell her that you would have to kill her if she robbed you.
  9. He will retain his position. The 87 seats out of 500 he won was enough to get him over the line. Close enough.
  10. Mate don’t pay him. Sometimes you need to be cruel to be kind. Next time he will use his brain. You are helping him become a better man. A lot of the posters here would back down because they are intimidated by thai men. They are only small, nothing to worry about. Dont back down. Why should you? Just make sure your health insurance is up to date. Best of luck. Let us know how you get on.
  11. I think you are missing the point. Rapists usually get away with rape in the “civilized” world. Often on stupid technicalities. Making a crim recreate his crime makes it less likely he will try and deny it later. It is an enhanced confession. More effective than allowing him to “remain silent” behind lawyers. They did do something. They caught a fricken rapist who raped a tourist.
  12. Not meant to be humorous. Just making a sarcastic point that pedos should not RIP, as was suggested by the poster that I quoted.
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