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  1. And don't forget world peace and starving children. If I were a judge I would probably choose the one with the biggest breasts. There were no obvious standouts in this year's contestants which was disappointing.
  2. Thai Chinese usually refers to Thai citizens of Chinese descent rather than one Chinese parent and one Thai parent. So she probably has zero Thai breeding. A bit like in Australia when we say Greek Australian. Parents are both Greek.
  3. Let's not turn the TVF translator's (Rooster's?) errors into a Thai bashing thread. A quick look at the link shows 39000, not 39 million. Surprised they don't proof read stuff before posting it.
  4. Record cases and deaths this week in Thailand from the English B117 strain. Probably not the best time.
  5. Obviously better than any bargirl. Make her parents proud, not shamed. Why the need to be PC for everything? It is what it is.
  6. They had a false sense of security as they had allowed Farang New Year travel and they didn't have any large increase in infections. Allowing it to go ahead breathed life into many businesses that were on their last legs. Unfortunately the highly contagious UK strain got in to Thailand and is now making up 98% of new infections and spreading like wildfire. Their big mistake was to underestimate the severity of the B117 strain.
  7. A very sensible decision which will reduce the chance of a new outbreak of the UK strain by 90%+ on the world famous, much loved tropical tourist island. However there will be complaints from many on this forum as that is their default position to complain. Carry on.
  8. The UK only started mass testing after the morgues were overflowing. Thailand was testing and identifying cases of covid before the UK in January 2020. Boris handed even started shaking everyone's hand until March. I am happy it looks like the UK have finally got their act together but it doesn't help the 130,000 already dead in the UK or the million plus dead from the UK strain worldwide.
  9. Brian doesn't ever let facts get in the way of a Thaibash. Even 104 from 180 would be average. Let him go with his alternative facts.
  10. I have had dozens a lot better also. But I didn't have to pay them, not bargirls. They even had an education, no smell and were not covered in tattoos or soiled from thousands of previous punters. The better looking bargirls are always the busiest. Stirring the porridge I find a bit off putting and unhygienic to be honest but I can understand some people might find it delightful. I have a friend who after a few beers he gets all romantic and likes tounge kissing them in the bar. Grosses everyone out.
  11. Rubbish report from bored reporters at the Bangkok Business news. Firstly impossible to predict vaccination figures for even next month. Secondly they don't give a starting date for the 500,000. Starting from today or next year. Thirdly there are hundreds of other factors that will affect the numbers apart from just simple vaccines given in Thailand numbers. An educated guess is being too generous for this report which is nothing more than a prediction.
  12. No deaths is ideal but the Thais are definitely managing this UK strain better than the UK did. Let's hope they can keep a lid on it.
  13. Maybe the news editor at Thaivisa could clarify this? It is a serious issue that affects most of the readership. Publishing conflicting information might be good for advertisers but is morally wrong considering this is a pandemic that has caused 3+ million deaths.
  14. If it were back in my home country I would give him a verbal spray and call him a useless p....k to his face. But anger doesn't work in these situations in Thailand. So I use face loss. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. Hopefully Pon will have a good hard look at himself and harden up and make a success out of his life now.
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