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  1. Just thought I'd pass on a report I got today from my brother who is in Chang Mai. History - He just hit the one year mark for his Ed visa (Thai Language course) in Chang Mai. He wanted to do a quick border run to Mai Sae and return with a visa exempt 30 day stamp (US citizen) but was advised against it by Immigration at Chang Mai who told him that he would have to fly out and fly back in to get a 30 day stamp (no border runs at Mai Sae is what they said). He did some research online and decided to give it a go anyway. His report - Said he got on the bus to Mae Sai and once he got to the border he handed his passport to the nice Immigration Officer there to leave Thailand. He said there was a LARGE RED BANNER posted there that said "NO BORDER RUNS". He said he had to hand his passport over the banner to give it to the Immigration Officer. No questions were asked by the friendly immigration officer. (he wrote "shopping" as his reason for the trip on his card). Upon entry, he then paid his 500 baht for a visa which allows him to stay in the town of Tachileik during the daytime only (overnight is a different visa which costs a bit more and the baht is widely accepted there). Back in Thailand - He had a beer, went back over to Thai Immigration and was checked back in with a 30 day exempt on arrival with no questions asked and said that they were very nice to him and no mention of anything. He said his bus was stopped several times on the way back to Chang Mai at police checkpoints but the BIB were only interested in checking on the Burmese/Laos/Cambodians not the farangs. He did not have to show his passport to the kind Police Officers at the checkpoints (other nationalities did however). Overall he said it was an easy stress-free trip and he really liked the Burmese beer. Kudos to the Thai Immigration at Mae Sai and the BIB (on the road on the way back) is what he said. I hope this helps others who might be considering a similar trip soon. CHEERS!
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