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  1. 12 monthly extensions from Immigration would be the easiest option. Very easy to do. Don't believe the doom and gloom merchants on here who tell you otherwise. Pretty straightforward to apply for every year.
  2. Not with only 12 months left on his contract it hasn't. The man seems to be enjoying life again and seems to put West Ham in the driving seat to sign him.
  3. Not really an answer but it is very easy to do it yourself. Save money.
  4. Kor Ror 3 is the marriage certificate with the pretty flowers round the edge
  5. Rubbish. Pretty easy to comply with the reasonable requirements.
  6. Never had a house visit in Khon Kaen. Probably depends on where you are. Maybe it would help if you make members aware of your location.
  7. Not needed for marriage extension in Khon Kaen last week. Retirement extensions are getting more complicated.
  8. Bank letter and updated bank book will show this. You don't need a bank statement.
  9. Not a marriage certificate. It was the Kor Ror 2. Document from amphur that shows that you are still married. Has to be new every year.
  10. If applying based on having 800,000 Baht in the bank you don't need a bank statement. You need your updated bank book and a letter from the bank stating your bank balance. The bank will know what to provide.
  11. You really do not need bedroom photos. So don't worry. 4 photos in and around the house including one in front of the address sign.
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