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  1. Avram Grant? Start preparing for Championship football. A shame as Newcastle fans deserve so much better.
  2. Same day at some offices, day before at others. You will have to ask them.
  3. Looks like my helpful posts are invisible.
  4. You apply for a single entry.Non Imm O Visa at the Embassy in Vientiene or a multi entry Non imm o Visa at the consulate in Savanakhet. Apply in the morning and collect next day afternoon at both places.
  5. No. You have to go to a Thai consulate in another country. Savanakhet Laos is your nearest option.
  6. You could enter any Country you wish and come back.
  7. Not only is this oaf a serial liar and a racist , he is now a mysogonist bully. As if UK did not have enough problems without this idiot as PM.
  8. Probably not. You should have asked for 60 days last time.
  9. You can get a Non Imm O Visa from Savanakhet Laos. Presuming your Wife is Thai. A Multi entry will get you around 15 months,
  10. You can get a 60 day extension from Immigration presuming your Wife is Thai. EDIT: maybe not as you have already got 30 days. You should have asked for 60 days.
  11. Stop abusing animals then they wont have this problem.
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