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  1. Looks to me that you are not legally married. Or are you saying that you have lost the certificate?
  2. Yes you have to go back to Pattaya Immigration on 11th November
  3. Yep. Extension would be valid up to the expiry date of your passport. Apply for that or get a new passport.
  4. In Thailand you apply for a 12 month extension of stay (not a visa) Money in a Thai bank for 2 months before application.
  5. At the time he took power it was needed and he did a good job for a year. After that he has just clung onto power like every good megalomaniac dictator would do. Made life a hell of a lot worse for the majority of the people. This clown is up there with Robert Mugabe, Hitler, Gaddafi etc.
  6. There is no " Marriage Visa" what do you actually have?
  7. http://www.nookiesdelights.3baht.net/products.htm
  8. The problems will start when we play the likes of Burnley, Sheff UTD etc When we cannot sit back and counter attack. Have to open them up. Maybe Benrahma will do the job.
  9. Surely not. For what I can see there has only been one injury in PL for years. Virgil Van Dyke. According to UK media no one else has been injured ever. all the fuss they have been making over it.
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