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  1. Yet more mumbo jumbo tosh. Let people live their lives how they want.
  2. Could not agree more. I stay away from TV until my sport viewing is finished.
  3. I used live on Samui for 2 years. I went back 10 years later for a holiday and could believe how bad it had become. Full of miserable looking Thais trying to fleece me of my money.
  4. Hopefully my IPTV will be as reliable as it was last season. I always had BeinSports connect as a back up as it was so cheap. I downloaded the True app onto my phone and it sort of works and can be sent to my TV. As usual, True gives next to zero information. I presume if I get a TrueH sim card I can get a discount. How do I actually pay? Not got a clue. Do I need True Money? Do they deduct from the sim credit? Do I pay with CC?
  5. Anything by my girlfriend Tai Orathai. I can dream.
  6. This thread is about a nonsense rumour with no truth in it. There is no mandatory health insurance for retirement extensions. And hopefully there never will be.
  7. You can work if you wish with a Marriage Extension (It is not a Visa) You need less money in the bank. You can take all of the money out and spend it. Nowadays it is probably easier to get than a Retirement Extension.
  8. Or too old, or uninsurable, or have previous issues etc. Plenty of reasons for not being able to get insurance. Easy for you to gloat Mr perfect.
  9. So you think that premiums that are 25% of the cover is good value and not a rip off?
  10. I Use these. Expensive and to be honest a little disapointing. Maybe I expected too much. https://www.flareaudio.com/collections/ear-protectors
  11. At least you wont hear the Wife nagging you.
  12. As said, you can apply anytime up to the end of your permission to stay but don't leave it until the last couple of days in case of any issues.
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