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  1. Dreaming of some good old rainy British weather . This heat is oppressive .
  2. You sir ,,, are an absolute champion !! They make these new fangled stuffs so complicated just make it complex to rip us off im sure . Yes its 4-5 days not 45 days . Must have been a typo i expect . My sincere apologies for wasting you good folks time . So I have to buy 49 b truemove then pay 100 b at 7/11 for credit then I can buy 53 baht for 2 GB . Is that not 200 baht ...not that Im bothered about 50 b .
  3. Personally I always drive drunk . Not necessarily shitfaced but just what they would call over the limit in the UK . But the Thais doing it scares me . They cant even drive right sober !
  4. 4-5 means four or five days not 45 . I do not waste 800 baht for use the internet 10 minutes a day for 5 days . this is nonsense . Does Don Muang have free internet I will call a grab bike from there .I just need it to get a ride from Don Muang to my hostel at 11.30 at night was going to get a grab bike save wasting money on a taxi right .
  5. I didnt get where I am today by wasting money ....anyway that was last year I got stopped by the police and no Im not in Thailand yet . Your so on the ball . Do you monitor this site 24/7 jeeesuz
  6. Thats no argument . Its in your system and its in Thailand regardless . Possession of illegal drugs = Guilty as charged
  7. They will kick all the immigrants out when the National Front nazis take over after Brexit . - unfortunate as i like a good vindaloo . TV licence is worth it bcoz you actually get good stuff on telly there . It doesnt go over 40 degrees in summer so your not baking yer balls off and there is an expectance of respect and politeness shown by residents to each other . All in all UK beats Thailand hands down .
  8. Plenty of places do 7% on usd ....do your research .
  9. I lived in Non in the 90s . Its the same as Bangkok , maybe cheaper for rooms and food . But apart from that its just another part of Bangkok. The river is nice as on the far side it used to be jungle , now its probably concrete jungle .
  10. Seems like a lot of people who dont drink - in Thailand - whats wrong with them i wonder , and why so proud of it ?
  11. That pooch is lucky its Thais and not Vietnamese oilies . They would have him carved up for dinner .
  12. This is nice and clear . Thank you . As Im only in Thailand for 5 days can I get away with something cheaper do you think ?
  13. This is good but far too complicated for me to understand , Last time I went to 7 11 and they would only sell me the tourist rip off package at 900 baht . As Im only going to be in Thailand 45 days not worth it .
  14. Sim Card and 1 Month Internet on Phone - arriving in Bangkok airports late at night and will need to get this to get a grab bike on arrival . Where can I buy this without getting the usual tourist Ripp off , something like 900 baht . Remenber last time i got sim and 1 month unlimited net for about 160 baht . Anyone know where near Don Muang ?
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