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  1. Basically I have been having a lot of serious issues with my inlaws for the past couple of years. It all started when our son was born. They wanted to take him from us immediately back to their hometown, to which I was strongly opposed and ultimately refused, to which my father in law took great offence. Another problem occured when my son was around 1 years old, her dad yet again was not satisfied with the way I was parenting my child and he took even more offence. Now we cannot even maintain eye contact anymore and he totally ignores me at family get togethers. The problems have now escalated to my mother in laws side of the family. As we were driving back home the other day one of her cousins took great offence at me resting my foot on my knee in the car as I have long legs and needed to stretch. She said thai people doesnt like this kind of thing and i should show some respect. I basically told her to get stuffed. So the whole family connections have completely fallen apart and to find a solution to it as my wife does not want a divorce she has now suggested to her family that they have zero contact with me in future. They have duly accepted. Marriage and family life is hard in thailand that is for sure. Though i am very happy that I never have to see or deal with them ever again.
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