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  1. I don't think this was aimed at me but I just want to say I have no problem getting with western women, but someone referred to them as "entitled western princesses" and that is essentially what I am tired of and find Thai women to be different.
  2. That's why I said "personally", so in this case I was judging that we're both of about average in our respective cultures.... As for the situation I was referring to, the English guy kicking to death the Thai woman, can't argue with the age aspect, that's a hard fact, appearance wise, she was very pretty and I'm sure Thai's would agree, him, not so much.... Surely the cultures aren't so far apart in where one sits on the attractiveness scale?
  3. I would argue that the difference in my scenio is that personally I would say I'm on a par looks wise with this girl and the age gap is 8 years whereas in those situations there was a clear difference in both of those departments. (the poster excluded as can't comment on their age or looks)
  4. She's still keeping dialogue open with me. I'm not surprised, it was kind of expected that she would ask one day. I've explained to her that I won't be giving her money unless it's in person. She has said if and when we meet next I don't have to give her money, to which I responded along the lines of, "well that's not going to work, you'll earn nothing for the days we're together", as in say if we went to Buriram for a few days and that if that would be the case I would give her family the money. As I've said before, I'm skeptical about her motives in all this of this but she does seem show a genuine side... As for what she does, of course I accept it currently but this isn't something I'm going to rush into, (my emotions can stay in check as this is a person close to 7000 miles away, its not like I can see her every day plus I'm quite young, I fancy building some money here first (essentially starting from nothing again at 33 after my ex) so if there's any future in this then it's going to be drawn out as can't go to Thailand much more than 4 weeks a year). So I don't expect her to stop what she does anytime soon and I told her as much. The most realistic scenario would be that over the next year or so I see her a few times, see how things develop and then eventually maybe marry her and bring her home for a while.... I don't know, I'm not making concrete plans and I don't fully know the ins and outs of how all this truly works. Exclusivity isn't really a concern for me this very moment, I've just told her to be safe and look after her health. I'm happy to go along with this for now and see her again later in the year, but with me starting work on Tuesday and the time difference, it will be interesting to see how long she will keep this going when I can't respond or answer her face time calls until she is at work.... Which is when I'm least likely to get them.
  5. I saw her as a person and she latched onto that. It won't change my attitude towards women of any calibre. I guess in future I will just be more reluctant to give my phone number and/or Facebook details to them.
  6. I met a lovely girl, I say met but you know what I mean... After the first night with her she went off to do her own things. I saw her again 2 days later for 2 nights and pretty much 2 days. She would go off and change, shower etc, but I even went back with her to her place one time... Essentially we didn't spend much time apart in those 48hours. Now I know she was texting other men (as expected), I woke one morning with just my eyes, didn't move and watched for a couple of minutes. The usual "I miss you" "I come back soon" from the bloke. Since coming home she facetimes me every day a number of times. I'm obviously causous about all this and no money is going her way, and I can tell she's still on the phone to other men... Almost constantly online. Bow if I was a third party I would easily say "she's playing you" but having spent time with her and accepting what it is she does I'm not too fussed about it all. But she says very nice things, and has made some sound suggestions in regard to my telling her about my wish to move to Thailand in the future. She's not lied and has said she would like to, as she put it, "learn" one another and she wants a visa one day... And a farang child I'm just curious do these tales ever have a happy ending? (not that type ) it's hard to discern what her end goal may be if not what she is open about. I had a few tears the last night as she gave me the, not exactly the "you're different" speach but that many men are not so nice as I was towards her, I treat women with respect regardless of the reasoning for the relationship between us. She also paid for a few things, admittedly it was easily 90-95% in favour of me paying the expenses, but she did things like buying me drinks when we went to the island for the day, like for example I'd come back to the table from the bathroom or a dance to a drink. She really looked after me the night on the island too as I was pretty shot away on things and quite drunk, I mean I could have looked after myself but I would have gone off any and all directions but she led me back to the bungalow, she looked after my things that night and brought me momentos. So as I repeated, just wondering if other people have any experience of this overly honest and receptive relationship with BG and how they ended. Thanks in advance.
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