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  1. Because one poster would like to see boxing banned. Isn't bungee jumping, etc also dangerous because a lot could happen? If all would be banned, life would be so boring, don;t you think?
  2. Muay Thai is way more dangerous, especially the knee kick. The use of legs has a lot more force than ordinary boxing Should a sport that was invented 2,000 years ago be banned? If you believe that all should be banned, then include bungee jumping, skydiving and a lot more were death could be the result of it. Boxers know what they are doing and most of them are not planning to kill their opponents. Shi_e happens and it happens to people who do not do any extreme sport.
  3. And very dangerous to the opponent's ears...
  4. That sounds unfair to me. 370 years would have been enough.
  5. It could be your last time, may be your last time, I don't know. You better look for more with different shapes, sizes and so.
  6. Some victims transferred 100,000s of baht to their company. Some transferred tens of millions. And some must be in real troubles now.
  7. Whenever I test my Mathayom students, the right results are on all other students' phones on the same day and other classes then have the answers and finish an answer sheet with 50 questions in 2 minutes. They are World Champions. ( In Cheating...) It's "normal" for them to cheat. And so did their teachers cheat their way through. It's quite difficult to take all their phones away and watch all of them. But there are ways, for example to make some different tests, then they're fooling themselves.
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