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  1. Individual cases may be interesting but you should always look at the bigger picture to draw conclusions. plenty of people smoke 20 Cigarettes a day and never develop lung cancer but if you look at the bigger picture you would notice that smoking is a risk. plenty of young people are affected severely by Covid but if you look at the bigger picture you would notice that the risk is actually very very small.
  2. This post is the most perfect example of my point about circular logic. anybody watching TV or reading newspapers will have seen a range of opinions/articles... along with the reporting of daily new cases and deaths, there’s plenty about the economic problems the pandemic is causing and will cause in the future but also discussion about the difficulty of balancing public health issues and the economy. it’s an incredibly difficult issue with numerous complex moving parts. We don’t know what will happen next. because of that, I mistrust people who think they have all the answers (on either side). This is not a ‘hoax’ or plandemic, but neither is it going to kill us all. There are still many unknowns though, In such a situation it is hardly surprising that every country in the world is proceeding with caution. Ironically then, you accuse others of being like sheep and following their ‘experts’ but you are one with their mind completely made up who doesn’t think critically at all about the information they are being fed. if you stepped back, breathed deeply and admitted to yourself that there’s still a lot that isn’t known then you would be showing a bit more wisdom. Of course, it is more likely that you will take this as further evidence of the cover up and become more entrenched in your view.
  3. And the belief in conspiracy theories is based on circular logic. Anyone who points out the flaws with them must be part of the cover-up and the bigger they think the cover-up is, the more they believe.
  4. What is ridiculous about posts like yours is that you believe others are being brainwashed and at the same time you seem to believe all the nonsense being shovelled your way on ‘alternative’ news sites and you tube videos.
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