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  1. Unfortunately, this is a world trend. As communication systems have improved, the world has got smaller and more people have the options of travelling and living abroad. At the same time, fear of terrorism has increased and electronic systems that offer various ways of monitoring people have been developed. Thailand does have a few odd wrinkles in their rules that they should rethink but they are trying to deal with problems. Do you think it would be cheaper / easier to do this in western countries? America have just hired lawyers to recheck people who have gained citizenship and look what the UK did to members of the windrush generation. I don't like it either but I think rules are going to continue to get tougher. And not just in Thailand.
  2. I kind of think that if the absolute worst of this scandal was true, that Joe Biden had changed US foreign policy and insisted on the firing of an honest AG to help the company that was paying his son $50,000 a month out of a jam THEN IT STILL WOULDN'T BE AS BAD AS WHAT TRUMP DOES IN AN AVERAGE WEEK. But only $50,000 a month? Is Hunter Biden so incompetent that he didn't ask for more? And that AG was disliked by other governments and international agencies because he wasn't strong on corruption. Hmnnnn.
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