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  1. The numbers given in the report don't support grand theories about the decline of Thai tourism. 38.5 million visitors last year. 20 millions visitors so far this year... So, the numbers are still on course to increase (perhaps not as much as they wanted - the 20 million figure is given as disappointing) as we are not yet half way through the year and I guess December is the busiest month for tourism. If they are on course for 40-45 million tourists this year then that would still be a significant increase. They can't expect tourism to increase by double digits every year and of course it won't.
  2. Has anybody tried this with Bangkok? I assumed they were just snowed under with applications so it was taking a long time. It was taking a month a few weeks ago (from reports of people who had got their logins/passwords...) but might be longer now because I assume they are getting more and more applications. Still I will try and get the owner to ring them
  3. So you are upcountry and it still took a month? But you finally got it. Good for you! I know that Bangkok is taking a long time but I thought other areas were quicker. I hoped you would be in Bangkok because I applied a few days after you so if you got it, I should be getting it soon.... Who knows how long the wait is at Bangkok now... I'm now 5 weeks and still waiting
  4. Unfortunately in Bangkok it seems to be taking over a month to get the login and password. I guess it depends on the efficiency and current workload of your home province immigration department.
  5. What has happened in the past is not so relevant here, this is a rule that is newly being enforced and there is a very good chance that next time you go to CW for a 90 day report or extension you will be asked for the TM 30. The first step is to communicate with your landlord, find our if he has already reported you or if he is even aware of the rule. If he isn't - the information is in Thai here https://www.immigration.go.th/content/m38?click=1 It is best if your landlord does it, but if they won't or can't it seems to be possible that you could do it as the 'possessor' of the accommodation.
  6. At CW? You applied on about the 18th of May? People who applied in early May got the login and password back after about 5 weeks it seems... so you have a chance it will be processed soon! However, a colleague who was at immigration last week asked about the current wait time to register online and was told the system was not working at the moment. If you do hear from them, let us know... I applied a few days after you and am still waiting too.
  7. Where are you? At CW it is taking more than a month. I applied on May 22 and still waiting...
  8. I've been taking taxis in Bangkok for years and very rarely had any problems... sometimes a pain to get home after midnight from Sukhumvit but walk for 5 minutes to a quieter spot and it's usually fine. If you avoid the stationary taxis outside tourist places and bars, 99.9% of taxis drivers will put on the meter straight away... never seen a rigged one. Of course (unfortunately) this guy will probably be back driving a taxi before his ban ends... but the lack of regulation is partly why the fares are so cheap. Would people be happy with a more tightly regulated system if they paid more? I can't think of another city where taxis are such good value.
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