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  1. How can you speculate that most tourists use at least 10 year old information and pass it off as a valid point ?
  2. If you don't allow people to take responsibility for their own actions you are actually doing them a disservice in the long run. How do people learn to advocate for themselves if it's always someone else's fault?
  3. If he was that irate then maybe a punch might have been a little wiser than a knife. Obviously still not ideal but chances are he wouldn't have been looking at prison time. I wonder how his wife feels about his supposed chivalrous behavior.
  4. I don't know Thailand as well as some on here but I get the impression that the average Thai has a "worry about it tomorrow attitude" so I certainly don't take Thanathorn's comments as a dig against foreigners but more as gentle nudge that his fellow countrymen can't expect democracy handed to them on a plate.
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