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  1. It's not the only answer, as you state. Maybe it's the one with biggest effect but if the current population consumed less, it would still make a change. And I'm not talking about having a fridge and such things, but if we didn't buy so many things that we don't really need and buy for our "short" happiness, and reduced the amount of meet consumption, if we reduced all that to at least a half, it would still make quite an impact. And there are more things to do. Human population is something we cannot do much about unless we do like China did before but that is still not something many humans are willing to do as individuals. Or we can hope for big ass wars that will half the population but still, I'm not sure it is a price many are willing to pay... (What we actually need is an environmental global dictator :p)
  2. That's why maybe it is important to start checking on options to become at least more self sufficient.
  3. Which means that is up to us "common" people to do something, after all everything is about demand. If we consume more, more will be produced and more pressure on the planet. We have to start thinking a bit differently and remembering that we don't have infinite resources, the planet is not infinite and there is still quite some time until we can live in other planets. Simply, it's our home and I don't believe many want to destroy the place where they live
  4. Haha, a little exaggerated there. The end is far from near, I think, but anyone that still denies climate change must be living under a stone. Ignorance might be a bliss sometimes but it's not gonna help anyone else than yourself, so yeah, if you want to be an egoist go ahead.
  5. Don't know what they did but well, unless we want to be completely unprepared, it is good to start to think about how we can prepare ourselves in different ways so that it doesn't comes like a surprise and we say that "we didn't know it was gonna happen"
  6. Hi all helpers! New to Thailand and am now living in Chiang Mai. Will probably be here for around 1 year and I try to be as environment friendly as I can. Since I don't have a job and now living by my savings, I still want to know what things I can do here (buy organic food, recycling etc.) if I try to be more environmental? Are there any good organisations here that work with such questions? Best regards
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