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  1. Whats up with Isaan construction business these days? Need a Bluescope roof on the in-laws house south of Ubon, can get the material no problem but no crews available, and Bluescope doesn’t seem to care. Got a sparky to re-wire their house but that took some patience with my wife's friend from Bangkok when he was home for a commercial job. Need a septic tank replacement and some plumbing in Buriram, three been to look, no callbacks. Need a concrete driveway in Buriram, two been to look, getting stupid prices, 1000 baht/m2 labour plus material. More jobs to do but not wasting any more time until I find someone that actually wants to work. Many will say welcome to Thailand but my wife and I cant believe the complete lack of interest - and thats before they find out I am falang.
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