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  1. I can't say for sure that what Mansell related -- nor what his friend apparently experienced and passed on to Mansell -- is reality. But I can explain to you what Mansell said by taking the liberty of clarifying his wording slightly... I'd thought that Ubon Joe already had clarified that sufficiently, though. "A friend went to Immigration to do a marriage extension. He had plenty of monthly income to meet that requirement. He was instead offered a retirement extension even though he didn't quite have the full THB 65,000 to meet the retirement extension financial requirement. Although a marriage extension is not rocket science, it does take more steps than a retirement extension, and paperwork must be sent to BKK for final approval. Retirement extension is easier, his wife said. So they made a deal...."
  2. Yup, and an ME Non-Imm O to "visit Thai spouse" needs evidence of only USD 700.00. Apparently the spouse is valued at USD 6300.00. Also, on a more serious note, the 700.00 does not have to be shown as having remained in the bank for any number of months (as opposed to having to show the 7000.00+ balance sustained over 6 months). Just a point-in-time recent bank statement.
  3. On second thought, I seem to remember reading that a Thai national could grow a limited number of plants for his/her personal medically-related consumption. Nonetheless, I doubt any such Thai herbalists are complaining about side effects from their own harvests.
  4. AFAIK, there is no legalization of marijuana in Thailand, medical or otherwise. There was no medical marijuana consumed by those experiencing adverse symptoms which became the subject of the news story. Extracts do not equate to the naturally occurring raw material. With "extracts" you have impurities, solvents, and greatly exaggerated concentrations of active ingredients in the wrong proportions. It should be either the real deal or nothing. If Uncle Charlie doesn't like being high in addition to having some pain relief and appetite improvement, then he should just pop some Gofens every 4-6 hours and get skinny.... until the stomach bleeding and liver damage set in from that OTC medicine. News Bulletin: Most prescription medications (including the most common ones people take every day for ailments such as hypertension) have secondary detrimental effects worse than many street drugs, and such effects are downplayed or covered up by the pharmaceutical companies. Creative statistics aren't just useful for TAT.
  5. Makes sense. But then it would seem impossible to break free of the agent because, on the next extension, the "post" seasoning from the last one will be seen as having been unsatisfied.
  6. But how would that work for somebody who doesn't live in Bangkok or Pattaya area? I assume a local-to-the-agent residence must be "provided" by the agent. And then how would that be reconciled against the actual residence location for 90-day reports, TM-30, possible future visits to the real local immigration office, etc.?? I think agencies are problematic for the many folks who live outside those areas.
  7. A visa can never be extended. A visa can never be renewed. Never. Ever. Any visa. Never.
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