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  1. I started in April, so including this November (right before going to Immigration for the extension), it would be 8 monthly foreign transfers. Is there still a combo method whereby I could put like 260K (the missing 4 months of 65K) in a Thai bank account and be good to go? If so, would it still need to ferment for a while like the full 800K method??
  2. Does anybody know if there's such a thing as an outpatient-only insurance policy in Thailand? I currently have an inpatient/ambulatory-surgery-only policy (annual limit of USD 2M, coverage for private room, many other things that put the Thai policies to shame). To add outpatient to that international plan seems not to be cost-effective, at least for seeking care in Thailand, and I'd be getting an outpatient coverage limit of around THB 800K instead of 40K, which I don't really need. I'm fairly sure the answer is no, unfortunately.
  3. You can get a multiple entry "O" visa with 1-year validity, of course, but each stay is still limited to 90 days.
  4. Perhaps they sent to some folks but I received no such email (of course I check Junk folder periodically, too). The US Embassy (or the 4 embassies) didn't make the decision in a vacuum. Immigration played a role in that.
  5. I'm a U.S. citizen and I first stumbled on the "no more income affidavits" bulletin when I happened to browse to the U.S. Embassy & Consulate website in March. Then I searched around and came upon the rule changes that went along with that (from thaivisa.com). I had already enrolled in STEP but never heard anything from that side. And it would have been nice to hear about any immigration rule changes via a form letter sent via Thailand Post. I'm pretty sure Immigration has multiple copies of my current address on file. But of course that would only happen in a Southeast Asian fantasy world. So I then started playing the new game as soon as I could in April by making monthly international fund transfers to my Thai bank account. Anyway, I could see using an agent as a lazy Plan B (for this transition period) if IO didn't show leniency in November with my less than 12 monthly international funds transfers -- assuming the agent could get the job done before my current extension ran out. Otherwise, yes, it'd be a cold day in hell before I'd waste 23,000 THB on an agent to do something so easy. I will show income deposited in a U.S. bank account (from self-printed unofficial statements) for the remaining months (they won't even want to look at that) to show my sincere best effort to follow the rules even for the transition period, and I will think positive, smile, be clean, not wear rags, and... get leniency. Or not.
  6. There was also that memorandum issued on 4 Jan 2019 implying some "leniency" when using the income method for extensions in 2019. That document is also included in the pinned topic.
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