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  1. Does "first extension application" mean FIRST EVER application? Or if somebody who's been staying on previous retirement extensions left Thailand (near the end of currently authorized stay) and re-entered on a new non-imm O, and then went to Immigration for an extension of that new stay, it would be considered a "first extension"??
  2. But then such person's landlord, the homeowner, or the person himself (e.g., if condo owner) must file a TM30.
  3. Rughead, this should really say "for anything but the shortest of stays". Unless you seek care at a government hospital with a particularly low standard of care, the B400,000/40,000 coverage is embarrassingly inadequate. I have excellent "everywhere but USA" inpatient and ambulatory surgery coverage (up to USD 2 million -- 156x the Thai coverage limit) but no outpatient coverage. Outpatient coverage is not a good value, esp. here in Thailand where outpatient care costs lie between very cheap and fairly affordable depending on where you seek care. There is no such thing as "outpatient only" coverage so there's no way to add that on with a Thai policy. If a requirement to have both inpatient and outpatient coverage is ever enforced for retirement extensions, I will be pissed, because that's expensive to add on to my international plan, and it won't even cover most ongoing conditions for 60+ crowd (e.g., hypertension management). To make matters worse, the B400,000/40,000 Thai plans aren't just crappy, they're rather expensive, too..
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