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  1. Sounds like a system being used in the west for about 5 decades
  2. Australia is still closed too. 14 day quarrantine is for returning citizens and permanent residents or those permitted to enter on compassionate grounds. I think it would be unlikely that they will open the international borders here except for NZ and the pacific Islands this year.
  3. where are they getting the cash to get back in the air ? Probably from all the tickets they have not refunded ?
  4. They are scared. They know that the Thai health system would not even be able to cope with a moderate outbreak, let alone a large outbreak like in European Countries. Most western countries have used the lockdown to fortify their health systems for a potential second wave or large outbreak as we have been doing here. I haven't seen any news of that happening in Thailand and the Government has already stated i can not afford widespread testing. If Thailand was to get a large outbreak it would likely be a disaster.
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