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  1. Great compilation of the Legendary Thai Brake Failure
  2. Manufacturing down 25% Tourism down 80% that is just international. exports down. Looking like a minimum 15% contraction
  3. God help America. But looking at this it may be beyond help
  4. So the stay at home mum never goes to the shops , the basement dweller never takes delivery of his pizza in person and the elderly never get visits from their family ? I think you are just changing the science to suit your own narrative. There still is no consensus that those who have been infected will retain immunity long term so its still very much a hypothetical that herd immunity can even be achieved. Its still way to early to think that its still over for places like New York or Sweden.
  5. Not likely. If current estimates of people who have had the virus at ten times known cases is correct that is still only 6% of the population. Still another 54% to get to herd immunity. Some areas might get there quicker then it will just move on to other areas. Its pretty much a runaway train in the USA now. Who knows what the final destination will be.
  6. Give it another 6 months through the Northern winter and then we will look at the numbers
  7. And the airlines are going to put on flights for 200 pax a day ? They are dreaming. The stuff they come up with without thinking of the reality or logistics is just completely laughable.
  8. So a country that cant afford to feed the people is going from strength to strength ?
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