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  1. You also need to add a fixed supply charge of around $400 a year in Australia, compared with a tiny supply charge in Thailand.
  2. Same reason that I overtip Thai taxi drivers and have no doubt paid too much for my condo - the amount I know that I would have paid in Australia distorts my perception of value here.
  3. I’ve just had my teeth cleaned at a high quality dental surgery in Bangkok for $A55, compare $180 and up in Australia. Don’t forget that property is not only way cheaper here but there are no council rates, an even bigger factor for someone such as yourself who has two properties.
  4. For me, exactly a month to get approval from Immigration. After that, they processed payment and finalized membership very quickly, only couple of days. I’m from Australia, and applied around March this year.
  5. According to Thai law, when you transfer money to buy property, the transfer must be made in your country’s currency, in your case euros, and not converted to Thai baht first. The Thai bank will then convert the amount to baht after receiving the money in euros. So, don’t let your bank convert to baht, keep it in euros. The reason for the transfer should be “Purchase of condo”. Thai banks seem to use a reasonable exchange rate. This worked out well for me when I bought my condo, as the rate used by the Thai bank was way better than the rate an Australian bank would have used if I’d converted $A to baht before doing the transfer.
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