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  1. I would have thought that my sentence “That of course in no way implies that many or most quadriplegics and blind people can’t have enjoyable and fulfilling lives, just would give them the choice” totally contradicts your statement. Of course, the great majority of people who will now be permitted assisted suicide under the new NZ law will probably not even think of exercising that option, as they too will consider that they still have a fulfilling and enjoyable life to lead. The opportunity to choose is everything.
  2. But even earlier phase trials tested for safety, so that would have been established before efficacy. Of course, complete safety can never be proved, maybe a vaccine will cause Alzheimer’s disease 50 years from now.
  3. You seem to be saying that whether someone’s condition is terminal or not is of great importance. I disagree, surely someone in a condition of incurable great pain should be considered for assisted suicide even if the condition isn’t terminal. As for Stephen Hawking, he had a mental life of such richness that we can scarcely imagine it, so I doubt if he’d have wished for assisted suicide. As to whether he’d have wished for others with his disease to have the option, I have no idea, maybe there’s something on record of his opinion? You also seem to be implying that a physically health
  4. We might be getting into philosophy here, but yes, I do agree with you, in principle. However, we must look at what is achievable in practice, and not give those opposed to assisted suicide for people in great pain the opportunity of mounting a “thin end of the wedge” argument. Even you seem to accept that there are limits when you refer to any “grown up”.
  5. In principle I agree with you, but I suppose we can’t approve euthanasia for an 18 year old who wants to die after just breaking up with his girlfriend. It is difficult to draw a line, but any line is better than no line, which is the situation in most countries.
  6. The article states that it will only apply to people who’ve been diagnosed with a terminal condition and who have less than 6 months to live. That excludes people who for example might be in an immense amount of pain from a non terminal condition, or who may have been rendered totally immobile or blind, etc, and who wish to die. That of course in no way implies that many or most quadriplegics and blind people can’t have enjoyable and fulfilling lives, just would give them the choice.
  7. Since these final stage trials have been going for this long, if the vaccines really are highly effective, there’d surely be enough preliminary data by now to allow their release for limited emergency use. Looks like effectiveness is going to be pretty much borderline.
  8. Great result on euthanasia, though I prefer the term assisted suicide. Way more important than the result of the election. Pity about marijuana failing, but this does show that a very clear majority of people from all sides of politics strongly oppose people being slowly tortured to death.
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