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  1. most of the money is made on drinks which are about 40 baht i like ordering the meal without a drink, then just buying a beer at the 7-11 afterwards. bakery down the street also has 10 baht pastries after 5 pm.
  2. given his complaints i think your right. if you dont like neighbors, thin walls or being boxed in its time for a house or villa. house safety is not a major concern in thailand. you also sans the jack off security guy, admin staff etc which makes it feel much more independent and you can get stuff done without being pestered or urinated on.
  3. lived in cm, hanoi, siem reap, pp long term. keep it short like hanoi. affordable, great beer, great cafes and coffee, things to do in the daytime etc. every other woman is head spinning gorgeous, friendly, but difficult (to the point of frustration . nice living city where you dont feel like a tourist. low rents. great food. nice cooler weather. the dudes keep spitting and blowing snot while your trying to eat. hate viet dudes, and cant avoid them no matter how hard you try. im american btw. siem reap downer drinking city with tourists passing through. nothing to do. low life sexpat scene. easy to get laid. food sucks and lacks variety. cm pretty much just sucks these days. liked it when i lived there 5 years ago. could just be me needibg to move on. vientiane did not like the law about screwing local women. im american. forget it. pp really easy to get laid, but worries about what your catching . low rent sexpat scene. losers everywhere. nothing to do. food sucks. rats around if your wearing sandals. expats that truly suck balls and creeps around. trust no one. hope it helps.
  4. well...any apartments under approx 10k a month your going to get a standard cookie cutter box style room, maybe the view out the window or presence of a balcony will differ between units.
  5. classic... for those who still fall for this sort of thing or who are new, just never talk about money/employment. i dont even discuss it with family these days. write down a standard answer or response to the money/employment question on your smartphone and refer to it as needed, and the answer or change of subject becomes second nature. whomever is asking will get along just fine without your info!
  6. i do that to, but the reason i have learned to adapt is because i now dont care if the thais get screwed. makes things a lot easier for me.
  7. i dont think id move into a string of bars all selling beer at the same price and undercut.. you do this and in no time everybodys selling at cost, or at a loss.
  8. why would the thai landlord raise the rent to something the bar could not handle? just stupidity or is there some other reason this appears to often happen? could be a prelude to forcing them out and finding a reason to keep the deposit; or the presence of other interested parties who the landlord figures will pay more rent initially in their enthusiasm only to figure out they are losing money down the road, possibly even floating the place with their own money in the hopes business will improve and that money goes straight to the landlord. thats what new business owners tend to do who dont really know what they are doing.
  9. i dont think you ever just need an implant unless the neighboring teeth are screwed (pun intended). the tooth can be pulled and a bridge done. if your not given that option=likely scam. if you ask afterwards and they admit the option=likely scam. wait until the dentist makes full recommendations, say nothing. then ask about alternatives, if they pony up with other options thats how you know they are trying to scam you.
  10. yeah, tasted like the bottle was filled from a old keg sitting around from last night. had a strange sour or tart aftertaste that leos just dont have normally. did not smell like pisss. that can be my new pet peeve. "ill have a leo, cap on". what? "cap on, you moron!". that and chucking the extra plastic bag back at people.
  11. anyone seen the construction all along beach road at night with open trenches and uncapped rebar. unbelievable. a virtual suicide pit for unsuspecting drunks stumbling around. no signage or barriers.
  12. would not be comfortable getting an implant in pattaya, a crown yes id goto a nice place in bangkok for the implant
  13. thats bs and downright scary coming in from the usa on a metv. no way im losing $1k usd on a refusal and buying another $1k usd ticket to try a second time. thats the end of flying into thailand direct from home country if it ever happens. whats your friend going to do now, risk another rt ticket? tell them to fly into other base airports nearby, for example singapore and use those as a base hub in and out instead of bangkok.
  14. watch out for places that serve bottles with the cap aleady off. got a weird tasting leo at escobar in jomtein. strange aftertaste i have not tasted before.
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