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  1. Just get down to boots and buy some make up and hang outside a salon and make your own wig. Get on thaifriendly and just run with it. I did and 5 years later I'm still getting sponsored after just 4 months of video chats. Funds have dwindled lately because my clients were older guys but it's still 100k baht a year and I'm 34 so no spring chick, I'm married now so it would be even cheaper to start up since I could use her makeup
  2. This guy caifhtbmy att2ntion from the creed 2 soundtrack. Does not disappoint.
  3. Once the UEFA ban is given the FA will step in and impose something on sheity that will damage them domestically for the forthcoming season.
  4. I do single entry extension of stay based on a child which gives me 90 days and I can extend that an additional 60 at local immigration. The 1 year equivalent requiring me to leave Thailand every 90 days makes no sense to me or my Mrs and in Savanaket there is no baht requirement for what I do although the baht is in the bank but I've never used any other option as it seems more work to leave every 90 than simply report at 90 and repeat every 150.
  5. What the last guy said. Looking at Thai baht every day versus GBP and it is erratic. BTW 12 victory versus Superrich-12 victory is the real deal. Take note.
  6. Feel for the guy as he is taking too big a risk to knowingly be flouting the laws like this. Maybe TV can send news to him and warn him of his actions having grave consequences for him and his family.
  7. Never heard that before. A 90 day non O can be converted to a 1 year EOS at local immigration?
  8. Make no mistake this requirement is for the coffin dodgers and if you're on a retirement visa it is you they want insurance for. Clearly a misinterpreted announcement at this stage. 100% for retired folks. Don't shoot the messenger just switch your brains on.
  9. Need more info images etc. Just post the content maybe you will get some good advice on a solution.
  10. Yh it's gotta be a bribe if that's the system. Also bueng Kaen nakhon on Sunday could be an easier option. Been looking at it for my Mrs too but I'd leave it to her to sort as that could be a problem with a farang face on the scene. Outside these big gaming shops or round by the university could be an option. Best of luck with it.
  11. Some odd numbers. 5.8 medical and just another 3 with recce. More like 15bn recreational. Tourism would scale like never before. Amsterdam of Asia.
  12. If you want to make a success of a mobile biz. The night markets between 4.30pm and 9.30 pm 3 evenings a week for a month will provide a strong indicator as to how the biz can stand on it's own 2 feet. Saturday walking street in the centre. 1 evening at tonn tann market maybe Wednesday. 1 at the street market say Sunday the one in centre. Or maybe a spot in the chill market at central outside Or perhaps the market near the university on a Saturday. The figures. Based on 15 minutes of regular weekly purchases of pork on skewers I'd provide a strong analysis that the pork skewer seller who we know does 2 sessions at 2 markets a week. Easily does 15k. There is always a 15 minute wait and in that period I see a minimum of 60 sticks leave. That's 60 x 5 baht every 15 minutes for 4 hours in the shabbyy sat night market. Same lass does the chill matket which is a longer duration and very popular with central customers and workers. Gotta be double the sat night. 1200 baht an hour in sat night gotta be double at central. 4 x 1200 - 4800 + 9600 = 15k. Burger joint on walking street sat night in market is raking it. 69baht and upto 99 baht and they are killing it. I know because they are there every week. The wait is 15 minutes they always have 6 burgers cooking. You cannot operate a mobile food business and ignore the 5pm to 8pm trade. It is built for that model. The delivery trade has peak times too so if you not working those hours you gotta be realistic and sacrifice something to give this venture a chance. Be top that to know your Mrs was able to earn dough come rain or shine using the markets etc.
  13. Badoo is a Russian owned company whose practices of auto rebilling should be seen as a sign of their money grabbing nature.
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