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  1. Our moo bahn has a lovely pool that we hear used to be the epicentre of the community before we moved here 2 years ago. Never been open.


    I see these newer moo bahns with families playing in the pool regularly. 


    How does it work is it free to use if you are a resident or a pay extra kind of deal?



  2. On 4/20/2019 at 3:45 PM, thailand49 said:

    At that age if you are living here in Thailand from experience you are wasting your time and money with the brand names you suggested and forget the online shopping.


    If it isn't you then tell the wife what would she buy for her kid if not already before you came along?  Tell her " you aren't a foreigner looking online etc trying to show off tough my words but that is exactly what it is!


    These brand names are to satisfy her or your ego!  Get a copy, go to a local Thai baby store and get all the trainers you need for 10th of the price and as you noted it isn't made in the West just the name and your baby at 2 has no idea what so ever!  


    I've been through this nonsense for my son and now with my son wife who wants everything she see online but I tell her and she gets mad as hell " this is Thailand " which is what she says to me all the time. I love my grand baby but she gets Thai items that look from the west after a few weeks she has grown out of it.


    Whenever I make a trip home to the U.S. I get a few items which all say Made in China or Southeast Asia of course I'm not stupid enough to think the quality is the same. I get a few items to make them happy but obtain them from the discount stores like Marshalls or Ross!  The baby doesn't know a thing just your wife and you!

    You don't sound like you are enjoying fatherhood. It's not about brand names it's about quality and a much lower cost the brands were just examples of the savings versus same brands in Thailand. I got some Adidas from UK after reading this too. Sportsdirect I think it said. £23 for 2 pairs I done not signed shipping from UK and it arrived in a week and my total spend was.

    £23 2 pairs

    £4.95 shipping to uk

    £14.25 untracked shipping to Los.




    Here in Robinson's same trainers but made in China are 1600 baht. 




  3. On 4/20/2019 at 12:31 PM, Bob12345 said:

    Sounds good.


    In case your family member wants to do this more often and earn a few bucks, i would be interested ordering clothing items in the UK and get them shipped here.


    My wife currently does the purchasing for the kids on Line groups and online and we dont really have complaints about the quality though. Barely ever do we buy in shops or at markets.


  4. On 4/21/2019 at 5:15 AM, Ulic said:

    Kids grow fast and unless you plan to have several children or pass the clothes to friends/relatives who are having children there really is no need for "high" quality. As for name brands, do you really think a two year old cares? It is all about face for the parents. Spend time holding, playing, feeding, keeping the child clean and dry. Don't worry about name brand shoes and clothing. If you have too much they will wear them 3-4 times and then grow out of them. I do know people that bought so many clothes the kids never even wore them before they outgrew them. Just my opinion. Up to you how you spend your money.

    I don't worry about name brands but the quality is lacking and anything in Robinson is just more expensive overall and quality is lacking in comparison. So it's actually worth it buying discounted branded stuff for kids versus rip off very low quality and even less choice in Thailand. I shop around a lot so I'm not foolish and clothes and shoes are super easy to tell if quality is there.  We also buy a year in advance so so if he's 2-3 we but clothes for 3-4. We are spending a lot less now on clothes as those weekly trips to the market/central are there but the Mrs desire for clothes for her or son is firmly gone, praise the Lord!!!

  5. On 4/19/2019 at 4:10 PM, Jonathan Fairfield said:

    Buying kids clothes from markets in Thailand, it usually lasts about 10 minutes in my experience. 


    I find A to Z and Uniqlo are pretty good for kids clothes. Quality is as expected for the price imo


    Edit to add - you're probably right in what you say re getting stuff sent over from the UK. I'd just be concerned with potentially being hit with customs charges once the goods arrived in Thailand or maybe that's not an issue for kids clothes??

    Delabel them debox them and declare value as X and description as gift. No issues thus far. Transit is 5 days too. Definitely makes sense. Maybe after a few to the same address they may look at it? Addressed to a Thai always.

  6. Sounds weird I mean there is jack all but global house around there. McDonald's are not even in kalasin. I mean shiiit there ain't even a family Mart and let's be honest, you cannot really call that a hospital no matter how new the bricks are.

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  7. The embarrassment that is united.


    It's a joy to see and having the shelf stacker managing the club is truly a joy to watch.


    The media captures his "out of his depth" expressions but the real gems are the interviews, they purposely pose questions to him and then pose them an actual newbie foreign manager.

    To illustrate how thick this lad really is.


    His command of English is very poor given his time here, his responses are robotic.





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  8. 3 hours ago, TallGuyJohninBKK said:

    I should add, there are A LOT of VPN review sites out there when someone is shopping for a new VPN provider. And a lot of them seem to be compromised, in that they recommend whomever pays them or advertises with them.


    On the other hand, this VPN review site below seems to be reasonably objective, and also includes user comments at the bottom of their own reviews from people who are or have been actual subscribers with those services, and at times, very negative comments. So you can tell the website is not censoring for that. While not perfect, I've found this website to be very helpful when evaluating different VPN choices.




    If you want to check about a particular VPN provider, just type the name in the search box in the upper right corner of the web page, and it will bring up any past reviews the site has done on that particular service. That way you can get a head's up for the various pluses and minuses of each service, including details you may not have thought of on your own.


    Another thing is... Thailand is hardly the center of the streaming/internet universe... So when you read that some service may have good speeds in the U.S. or Europe, that doesn't at all mean they're going to have good speeds in Thailand. So I'd always recommend doing a free trial or brief trial with any VPN service FIRST, before entering into any longer-term agreement, just to make sure you're buying into a service that's going to give you the connection you need.



    Interesting points. So you use region/city specific vpn servers based on your own location needs at the time. So for example. 


    If I clicked on a server in Italy and then go to Google.it and type in a search term in Italian due to the location of the VPN it could yield different more local results to my current system of just being on vpn-uk typing in Google.it and entering an Italian phrase?


    If not, then how does it benefit?

  9. Been looking at swimming lessons here for a child but seems a bit of a rip off.


    10 x 30 minute sessions for 6500 baht + 2000 baht sign up - reward for sign up - swimming diaper.


    Our lad has been in a pool 8 times to date and each time he's been in 7+ hours. 


    Taking him for a 30 minute lesson will end in a tantrum and for 600 baht we can book a hotel close by and spend all day in a pool with him.






  10. Earlier this month the headland wife went to our little park and announced to all who were there that the following day there will be 


    No electric from 9-5pm.


    There was 20 people in the park for our moo bahn but there's 300 houses!


    So we get up early to prepare electric stays on no outrage at all.


    Driving past a road close by that day and a little sign advising people of the same power outrage but it's next Friday.


    The outtage lasted 2 hours.





  11. Just now, KhunBENQ said:

    Our February consumption 227 kWh, 890.41 B.

    Last reading 16 May, 498 kWh, 2101.95 B.


    Unexplained? No. I was prepared for 3000 B+.

    Never used that much AC since coming to Thailand.

    Units usage


    19.11.61 - 298

    20.12.61 - 226

    20.01.62 - 242

    17.02.62 - 261

    20.03.62 - 496

    19.04.62 - 608

    20.05.62 - 590


    Jan bill - 947.84

    Feb bill - just awaiting Info as Mrs mislaid this not in file.....261 units

    March- 2084.24... 496 units

    April - 2600.25... 608 units

    May - 2517.24... 590 units


    This oven is 1400w just a small table top oven.






  12. Ok so we get our electric through PEA which I understand is the best place to get electric. (Direct)


    It's a small bungalow 60 talang wah.

    2 air conditioners. At least 1 runs 24/7 5 days a week.


    So in December until March we averaged 250 units of use per month. Bills are coming in at around 2k. Bit less maybe.


    Last month it says 496 units were used.

    This month up until 19th it says 608 units were used.


    We have recently hot a small oven for baking but that's it and it's not used more than 2 hours a week. That's the last month it was our purchased.


    The unit usage jump seems odd given the last month or so it's become cooler.


    Anyone else seeing such unexplained unit increases?



  13. Whenever we got to pizza company restaurant they always try to change our order after we have paid for it to take away or whilst we have been waiting for the meals to eat in.


    It's never an instant advice with a choice it's just their choice of what to offer us instead and I always kick up a fuss and get more as the way they do this is just not on.


    So we tried pizza hut for the first time in Thailand last weekend.


    For 549 baht we got


    2 medium pizzas from the red titled menu 

    2 shrimp donuts

    2 spicy wings

    2 little chicken legs 

    5 pcs of garlic bread

    6 cheese filled breaded balls

    1 metal tin of spaghetti carbonara

    1 cup with refill privelages.


    Surprisingly good value and the pizza was no worse than the other brand we visited many times.


    The meal was for 4-6 person's there are 2.5 of us.


    We took half home.


    Decent deal.


    We shared the refill as did 2 other families one had 1 cup and 4 straws. Smart.








  14. 9k rent

    854 baht internet

    2000 baht electric

    185 baht water out of taps

    600 baht water in bottles

    3000 baht kid stuff nappies etc

    7500 baht kid bank

    1000 baht petrol for car

    200 baht petrol for bike

    170 baht moo bahn fees

    9000 food shopping

    12000 meals out days out.

    Insurance 3600

    900 baht tobacco

    1000 baht alcohol 


    50k abouts.


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